You are eternal Souls - children of God

210: 20th Why should it not be possible for good feelings to spring from barren hearts? Why should it not be possible for the waters of grace to flow from the
heart of the one who has sinned to quench the thirst of those who suffer?
21. You are not just minds that think today and tomorrow no more. You are not just flesh that lives today and soon ceases to exist. For Me, you are above
all eternal souls, children of God, and therefore I draw before you the way that really corresponds to you.
22. I do not want to deprive you of anything I have put into nature for the preservation, health, well-being and bliss of my children. On the contrary, I say to you, just as I offer you the bread of the Spirit and invite you to breathe in divine essences and to be filled with spiritual outpourings, so you should not fail nor turn away from all that Nature has given you , because then you will gain
harmony, health, strength and therefore the good fulfillment of the laws of life.

23. You know that I am your guide, folk. But tell Me, if I am your guide ─ do
you already feel Me in your hearts, do you already obey Me, do you already obey
my commandments and my laws? If I am your guide ─ to what point do you obey Me?
24. The voice of conscience answers from within you and tells me that your sacrifice is
not absolute, that your obedience is not consistent.
25. Do not forget for a moment what I say to you in my words: Whoever obeys
my laws, experiences my peace. Therefore, those who know my word do not feel
lonely or sad. For the words "unhappiness", "damnation" and "death" do not pursue
them as a threat or as a shadow over the peace of their soul. They strive to know
the truth, to live in the light, to attain health, peace and wisdom forever.
26. Those who come to Me on the path of my instruction know that they can not
get lost, for a divine light guides them. It is the light that gives them the certainty
of the purpose and the true meaning of their life.

27. My way is the way of the good, disciple. Walk on it step by step and sow
it with good works, good thoughts and good words. But never reckon on your
good works, on the contrary, I advise you to pin down your bad works, words
and thoughts so that you make less and less mistakes.
28. Leave the good seed you've harvested with and take the bad seed. Investigate
it so that you can see the reason for your weakness. Be careful not to mix it with
the good grain and then spoil it.
29. Only goodness can give peace, joy, health, understanding. Therefore,
the one who is full of love will be great in spirit.
30. This is what I taught you when I lived with you in the world, and I remind
you of this today. Just as I healed the sick in Jesus by touching them with my
hand, so I touch them also in this time to restore their health and to let them
again participate in the miracle of life.
31. Today I have no material hands to touch your sick body because I come
in the spirit. But the Spirit can also touch you with his love and make you
feel his presence.

A. M.  Hosta
Source: The Book of True Life - Volume VIII - Instruction 210

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