The human science and the worldly rulers

209:6 Science is the light of my wisdom that reveals its secrets to men.
The scientist who possesses an upstanding soul will not seek me by means
of rites, for his gift of science will continually bring him nearer to the Father,
who is the divine science. This man will never brag about his work because
the more he discovers, the smaller he feels. Nor will he be able to deny my
existence, for at every turn he will see in nature the mark of the Creator.
10. As I announced my coming to you in the Second Time, today I announce
to you the war of creeds, worldviews, and religions as an advance notice of
the establishment of my kingdom of spiritualization among men.
12. Once humanity, by virtue of its renewal, is receptive to the spiritual,
it will no longer need, both spiritually and earthly, the rigor of the laws,
nor the justice of the earth, to behave properly, for then every man will be
his own judge.

13. My teaching does not introduce dogmas or rites, it only inspires the good.
 My spiritual doctrine does not subject anyone to certain cultic forms; she is
a constant invitation on the way of truth.
15. "The Word" has come to you to open a new age.
19. Could man, with all his science, create something of what I created? No, people.
20. Human science has its limits, but God, the Creator does not have them. Science
 is light, but in the hands of many people it becomes darkness. In the universe, on
the other hand, everything bears witness to Me. All the realms of nature tune their
song to life and love. But notwithstanding that I say to you through all creation,
"Here I am," you seek my image in imperfect, man-made works. After that,
 you bow to them and worship them, preventing your soul from rising.

21. I give you love, for I can not find a man whose heart opens a little to make
someone else's suffering his own. Those to whom I entrust wealth and power
to serve their neighbor refuse all compassion, and even those who claim to
represent Me on earth, surrounded by luxury and dressed like kings, shut their
ears and their hearts shut the complaints of those who ask for love and mercy.
22. These are not my ways. The narrow path that I have marked is that of the
good. Therefore I say to you once again: My word is my way, for it always speaks
to you of righteousness, morality, and love.

34. I am power and righteousness, but do not wait until I give you these lessons
through pain or unleashed forces of nature. Hope that my divine charisma will
surround you and my love always will bless you.
46. Some, doubtful of the burden of their trials, doubt my presence, turn away
from the right path, and turn to the one they left behind, hoping to find what
they believe they have lost. But they return their glances to my work when they
see their hands empty and their minds impotent against the great, worldly
sufferings, the plagues and the death that knock on the doors of nations and
threaten you too. For the foreshadowing of a new war worries them.

61. I see the chaos in humanity, the disregard of human and divine laws. My
teaching was hidden at this time and considered as something of the past.
Therefore, the people fail, the institutions divide and mock the holiest. So I find
the people: rejecting each other, destroying, killing, confounding  the soul with
the body, the divine with the human and the light with the darkness.
68. You are not getting to the bottom of my teaching, and therefore the trials
are surprising. That is why you are divided and do not understand each other;
because when my word was confirmed, you were not prepared. Still, I'm
preparing you to be prepared and have peace, allowing the whirlwind to tear
off all the bad fruits. Because everything that does not give life, fruits or
shadows will pass away. Under the force of the storm, many trees will fall,
many workers will turn their backs on me, many church leaders will return to
me the task entrusted to them. But my will will restoreth you.

Anna Maria Hosta
Source: The Book of True Life - Volume VIII - Instruction 209

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