Holy messenger is coming to your door - New Years Warning

New Year Warning to my people

When you light the candle to celebrate the end of your year, speak of your God. When you gather together – worship your God. When you stand announcing the New Year – speak the words of your God.
Your God’s words – the Holy Word – is it upon your lips? Your God’s words – the Holy Word – is it at the tip of your tongue when you speak? Have you placed the Holy Word at the center of your table? Is the Holy Word over your door frames? For as you rise in the morning, as you sit at your table, as you step out of your homes, as you return back in, and as you prepare to sleep at the end of the day – the Holy Word is what binds you to your God.
I have instructed My People to be a holy people. I have instructed My People to remain separate from the world. I have instructed My People to remain sanctified and pure. How do you know My precepts if you do know my Word? How can you teach your children to be holy if you do not know my Word? How can you be a Holy People if my Word is not in your homes and on your lips? How does the angel know when arriving that he is at the home of a holy man? The angel has passed on by because he does not know your home to be holy, pure and welcoming of a holy visit. Does not My Word say that some have entertained angels unaware?
I call to my people to be set apart, holy and recognizable. If the Holy One knocked at your door would He know your home to be holy? Do you have the courage to mark your homes – distinct – set apart from the world – to be known as My People – identified not only to the world but by Me? If a Holy Messenger arrived at your home would he see idols of entertainment, pleasure and impurity or would he see a home of holiness, prepared for the visit? For when one steps through the threshold he will either be blessed or cursed by the greeting above the door fame. When the Holy Messenger moves throughout the city will he know by the markings on your gates that you are a holy people and welcome him to pass through your gate and your threshold, welcomed inside to a home of purity, holiness and the Holy Word the center of your table? How can a Holy Messenger arrive with a holy message to an impure dwelling?
I shout to My People: I WARN YOU NO MORE!
Do you think because you claim my name that you receive full rights? Does not a true heir have to prove his identity to the judge before full inheritance can be bestowed? Do those who claim to be My People think they can do detestable things in my sight, live in debauchery, live in fornication, be entertained watching debauchery, listen to unclean, unwholesome conversations – while claiming to be an heir and also NOT EVEN KNOW MY OWN WORD? Does not a true heir must know his lineage, know the names of his people and how they live when seeking to even receive audience with the judge? Does not his language need be the same language of the judge for his case even to be understood? Does not the judge look to DNA for pure lineage in order to rule out an imposter before identity is determined?
You claim to be an heir but live the identity of a hethen. You claim to be of me but you do not know me. Where is your DNA to me? Where is your lineage, the language of your lips, the manner of your attire, the manner of entertainment, the manner who you are with, proving you as heir to me? I see imposters who do not know me. Can I not I send a Holy Messenger to you, crossing through your gate, your threshold, and your door opened to a home with purity, holiness, reverence and love be filling your home? I long to give blessing but I cannot cross over to the unholy.
My Word – My Holy Word – sits unopened in your homes. Do you not know that My Word will sustain you in the time of sorrow? My Word will sustain you and your family in the darkness. My Word will guide you during the storm. My Word will be truth, TRUE TRUTH, when the world changes before your eyes and shouts to the world false truth. Many will follow the educated who carry false truth. How will you know the difference? How will your children know the difference of the false truth if you have not taught them beforehand and prepared them for the false prince? I have instructed you many, many, many times to TEACH MY WORD TO YOUR CHILDREN, TO YOUR WIVES, AND TO YOUR GRANDCHILDREN! Soon my written Word will be unavailable to you and it will be from within your heart it is recited. I instructed you to learn my Word. Did you obey? Is my Word on your lips when you rise, when you walk along the way, when you sit at your table and when you prepare to sleep?
When you celebrated my Son’s Holy Birth did you spend time with your children talking, laughing and sharing My Word or did you spend time with your families talking, laughing and sharing wrapped gifts with colored lights on a tree with only a thought, a small moment given to my son? I allow you to choose a day to celebrate as you wish – a day to recognize the Holy Birth. I give you freedom to feast and enjoy, to laugh and celebrate but you have forgotten that you are holy heirs and made the Holy Day you chose to be holy about yourselves. I hold my people accountable for forgetting me. My Own Son was forgotten on His birthday. My Holy churches – the doors were locked. I hold you accountable.
My Spirit will go to the churches this week. Will they be filled with stages and lights and programs just as the world makes their programs? Do you think that because the music is loud that you are leading the people in worship? Do you think bright lights with darkness on the crowd and lights on a stage with loud music just as the world creates performance…makes worship? I will not be looking for a program. I will be looking for my people on their knees! THIS IS WORSHIP AND MUSIC TO MY THRONE! I hold the Shepherds accountable for changing worship into a program. I will be looking this week for My People in My Churches in worship…in spirit and in truth. I will be looking for my people on their knees!
I hold the people accountable for desiring the world more than me. I hold the people accountable for their homes of idols of self, of evil entertainment and of dryness of My Word. My Son is coming soon! He is coming for those with pure DNA – The Spotless Bride. Only true heirs know their royalty, the customs of their own people, and the language of their father.
This is my final warning to My People. Calamity is coming. You must prepare. REMOVE ALL EVIL FROM YOUR LIFE. IF YOU DO NOT LIVE HOLY YOU DO NOT KNOW ME. IF YOU DO NOT KNOW MY WORD YOU DO NOT KNOW ME. Do not say to me on that day, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?” Then I will say plainly, “I never knew you. Away from me you evil-doers!”
This is my final warning to the churches, to the Shepherds and to My People. Prepare! Become My Holy People again! I cry for my only Holy People, my Spotless Bride, prepare! My Son is coming soon!
He who has ears let him hear.
Prophetic words are taken very seriously. Prophetic words are not to be changed. Kim Chadwell gives you permission to copy these words in exact form. If it is found that you have changed, added, or altered these prophetic words, you will be pursued for copyright infringement.
Kim Chadwell
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