The WORD contains everything

210: 12 Nobody knows yet himself. If you do not even know your body ─
how do you want to know your soul? But you will get to know you as you
apply my divine teachings.
13. I teach you by the Word, for it contains everything, as it comes from Me, who I am the Word. Learn to speak from the spiritual in the way that every word that you address to others, comes from your heart into your brother's heart, as if it were one Pearl, a gem of invaluable worth.
14. Learn to speak to the souls, teach them to hear the voice of their
conscience, make their senses sensitively through my teachings.

15. See how all my sentences lead the way that points the direction. Although you are still superficially aware of it today, tomorrow, when you can enter a higher level, you will discover in my words only essentials.
16. I can not come down to you, people. When I say to you that I have come down to you, that is meant figuratively. For my manifestation happens through an inspiration, which becomes thought in the mind of these voice barers.
Knowing that you can not even remember these messages at this moment
you hear it, I have ordered that you write down my words so that you what
you do not understand yet will understand by and by after tomorrow.

17. Apparently, my proclamation at this time is not very impressive, because
its splendor is spiritual. But you will still feel the glory with which I have come
to you, and will see this teaching the miracle of saving humanity through
18. The spiritual temple, built with love by the children of the Lord, is supported
by many pillars. Each one of them will be one of those who remain steadfast in
the way of my law.
19. You do not think that's possible? That's because you do not have faith in
yourself yet. However, I have faith in everyone, have always had it, and
therefore over time I have entrusted you with new and ever greater revelations.
 Truly, I say to you, the day is not far away when you will give instructions to your
fellow human beings of profound wisdom ─ not by the word you study, but by
the one that springs from the source of the Spirit when in communion with
the Divine Master.

A. M. Hosta
Source: The Book of True Life - Volume VIII - Instruction 210

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