Jesus and his disciples - three days before his departure

210: 57. I returned to unite myself with my disciples. It was already
the last days of my stay among them. I gave them to understand, so
they would not be surprised. Peter cried and tacitly received my
instructions. John squeezed my hands between his when he was
told that he would stay with my mother so that both would be
comforted in the hours of the exam.

58. Thaddaeus was already suffering from the separation from Master,
but I was still among them. The moment was tender and painful, the
souls spoke more than the lips. But I was "the Word," and my word
had to relieve the immense pain that had accumulated in those hearts.
59. I spoke as a father to the children, as a brother to brothers, as a teacher
to disciples: "O disciples, you have drunk with me the water of thirsty
pilgrims, have endured the hardships of the long ways in the desire for
my words and my works. Truly, I say to you, though I will vanish from your
sight, I will not leave you. If you want to carry Me in your hearts, then
settle down with my death so that I may live in you and speak through
your mouth. "

66. I left that estate, followed by my disciples. However, I stopped in the
shade of a tree and told them, "The moment is approaching, but you can
still enjoy the fruit of my word, surely you will remain like sheep among
wolves, but you will not succumb because my cloak will cover you See how
great the crowds are, you will feed them as I did in the wilderness, and
multiply the bread as I showed you. "
67. So I spoke to you through Jesus and caressed each of my disciples,
while their eyes shed tears, and they expressed to Me in their hearts feelings
of tenderness, and gave me countless promises to follow Me.
68. Today I do not want to remind you of the last three days that I
spent in the world. This will happen on another occasion, blessed
people, in which I will speak to you about the Last Supper, about my
last stay in the garden of Gethsemane, where I withdrew to pray, and
finally I will speak to you about my sacrificial death ,
My peace be with you!

A.M. Hosta
Source: The Book of True Life - Volume VIII - Instruction 210

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