Yelling in the Crowd

Words from Jesus to Byron Searle 
Jeremiah 17:23
But they obeyed not, neither inclined their ear, but made their neck stiff, that they might not hear, nor receive instruction.
My son, the words I give you are for whosoever will receive them. I know, My Remnant, many times it seems like you are yelling in a crowd, and no one hears. The people you hope to reach do not believe you, they do not believe anyone can hear Me speak, and they think anyone that speaks as My Remnant speaks are all crazy and avoid them at all cost!
Many pastors do not want to hear My words because it will upset their plans and schedules. There are those who at the beginning when I called them were on fire, spreading the gospel. But now sin, pride, and greed have blinded and deafened the ones once humble. They have taught ungodly heresies in My house and have made those who follow them fools!
My son, I know My Remnant know what is coming, and they try to warn the crowd. No one really hears, but SOON MY REMNANT WILL BE SOUGHT OUT by those who have rejected you! I will open blind eyes and deaf ears, and the crowd that was so loud as not to hear you will be silent!
My son, My Remnant know my judgments are here. Many, many dreams, visions, and words have been published, but sadly, most of the Body [church] do not believe the words. They have been taught not to believe anyone but the pastor as he is the only one that hears from Me. That is why it is like shouting in a stadium full of people - only those close by will hear you, the rest of the Body will not!
My Remnant, do not be discouraged that they will not hear. I have said that the Body [church] will wake up SLOWLY after each judgment, until the Captivity - THEN THEY WILL WAKE UP!!! Remnant, keep publishing the words that I give you! Many people you know print and save them for the later time!
I AM coming soon, and even though the crowds of people will be in turmoil, MY SHOUT WILL BE HEARD BY ALL PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! 
My Remnant, continue to SHOUT REPENT to the crowd! Soon they will hear, and many will repent! 
I love you all!! See you soon!!! 
Messiah Jesus

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