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Anna Maria asked the father before falling asleep:Dear father, please allow me to ask you something, please. You told me they have my data, please tell me, what do they do with my data? What are you planning to do?But she does not get an answer.At 4:45 am  she woke up and sought the father at the inner door to meet him there, feeling deliberate if he was there. She sees the wall and the door in the dim light and tries to approach him without seeing him.He shows her the ring with the blue gem that He once gave her (2017) and he thinks:"This ring protects me, not like the metal wedding ring."The blue stone is alive.Then the father says:"I am the servant of this channel. (Facebook) I am giving you this channel. Make him the guarantor and me the mediator of your message to all who seek you. Give it growth and cleanse it of all jealous, mocking influences and make me through him to the witness of your truth. Bless everyone who is seriously looking for you here. " 
(Note: Yesterday there was a disturbance with Facebook) And I bless you, Eternal Father and thank you for all that you have given us through this channel and want to give it to us.Forgive me for neglecting you for my worldly obligations."I will hold to account those who neglect my commandments."You shall love the Lord your God alone and above all, with all your heart, with all your soul, in your mind and conscience, faithfully and unconditionally, yes, Father. I have to work weekends, in the north, a day's journey far away to survive in this system. I give you this assignment and offer it to you as a sacrifice and ask for escort. Stay with me, I beg you, because I have some debt now and must therefore work to be able to compensate, because that makes me nervous."I'm rich!"Yes of course. Everything belongs to you, the whole creation, everything that you have ever created, and nothing is there without you. But I have debts, father. And that's why I have to work."Sparrow"He was ill. I had to take care of him and he gave me money for the household, because I have nothing left."Daddy is coming!"Thank you very much. Thank you for your understanding.The father inspires me to ask him to be there when I work on the internet (useless time !!) or when I go shopping (useless things or too much of something).

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