The meat pots in Egypt

Exodus 16:3-4
3 And the children of Israel said to them, It would have been better for the Lord to have put us to death in the land of Egypt, where we were seated by the flesh-pots and had bread enough for our needs; for you have taken us out to this waste of sand, to put all this people to death through need of food.
4  Then the Lord said to Moses, See, I will send down bread from heaven for you; and the people will go out every day and get enough for the day's needs; so that I may put them to the test to see if they will keep my laws or not

In the evening Anna Maria meditates her pain on the neck, shoulder and arm and that comes in her.
It is the unfulfilled yearning to be with the Father, to be trapped in the body on earth, tethered to the flesh, unable to go to Him. He as a Spirit can always come to her, but not she to Him, only spiritually. That's the pain. It is a heartbreak to have to stay here and have to endure.
Please, feel immensely loved by me, Father. It is the pain of not being with you, who torments me.

Anna Maria is in a company and a boss who likes her way of working offers to serve him lunch in his office, as well as a second boss whose name she does not know and does not know where his office is.
There is a swimming pool and a diving board and she jumps into the cold water and dives down to the pelvic floor.
At the food distribution there are large aluminum plates with small hollows in it, very small, for the size of the plates. So she asks for soup bowls, but there are supposedly none. So she takes one of the plates and wants to bring the soup to the boss's office. On the way, she is held away from others and asks where the office of this boss is. Time is running out and she still has not souped up. The boss himself comes to the kitchen and takes the soup himself.
Suddenly there is a great ladle and there are big bowls for the soup. She takes the big trowel and wants to bring the soup to the other boss, but she does not know where his office is and can not ask because she does not know his name.

 Here comes the first boss and takes a huge bowl of soup, which he takes to the table where the other colleagues are sitting to share with them. It seems that the soup has been withheld and that there is plenty of soup, but it has been retained.Anna Maria does not understand the meaning of the dream and asks the father what the dream means.
She receives the inspiration that He wants her out of slavery, because she spends far too much energy and time on the nutritional question. The father finally says:

"What do you do when there is nothing left to eat?"
Then, in a vision, the father showed her a women's butt, on which the men stare when she bends over gardening.
Father, is gardening also enslavement? Should the woman put on a dress - that would be a hindrance and she would surely step on it, if she bends down. What do you want to tell me hereby?
"After 12 o'clock certain things are to be avoided!"You mean, I should prepare with the food and be finished with the gardening until 12 o'clock with everything?
"I want you to be MY ONE and EVERYTHING again."
"Come with me!"
Father, I told you, the pain I feel, it's heartbreak, it's the longing to be with you or that I can not be with you - to be trapped in this body - to have to stay here until you find me bring to you. You can always come to me - I can not come to you, only by my mind.
"That's what no one told me. You're wise."
Then the father shows her in her mind a boot, with eyelets. Only one and it looks small.
"Do you think I'm like you?"
Father, what about the shoe? What are you trying to tell me, what does this shoe mean? Is it a hiking boot?
"Take me!"
You mean, I should put on my hiking boots and follow you.
You are cute. Your yearning for me is golden. If you blame me, it's just your sorrow and yearning for me. You want me be with you.
When I work a lot, I feel like time flies faster, like in flight, and then it does not take that long for you to come and take me to you.

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