38. The Three Divine Revelations and the Seven Seals

The Third Testament 
IX. Teachings of the Divine Wisdom
Chapter 38 - The Three Divine Revelations and the Seven Seals
The Revelations of God and Spiritual Development

1 In all three periods of time in which I have divided the development of mankind, I showed you with My Light the same straight and narrow path for the ascent of the Spirit, the one path of love, truth and justice.

2 I have led you from teaching to teaching, from revelation to revelation, until this time came when I tell you that you can already be united with Me from Spirit to Spirit Could mankind have connected in this way in the "First Times"? - No, it was compelled to make use of material worship, rituals and ceremonies, traditional feasts and symbols, so that it could feel the divine and spiritual close. Out of this inability to approach the spiritual, to rise to the divine, to recognize the deeper and to unravel the mysteries, the various religions arose, each one corresponding to the degree of spiritual backwardness or spiritual progress of men, some more devoted to the truth than others, some more spiritual than others, but all aiming at the same goal. It is the path that spirit beings have followed through the centuries and ages - the path to which the various religions point. Some have progressed only with the greatest slowness, others have stopped, and still others have gone astray and have been tainted. (12, 92 - 93)

3 Today I come in Spirit, and verily I say to you: some think that I was closer to you in the first times than I am today They are mistaken, because with every coming I have drawn myself ever closer to you.

4 Remember that in the "first times" I settled on a mountain and from there I sent down to you my law carved in stone. In the "Second Time" I left the mountain heights and descended into your valleys, becoming man to live among you. And in the present time, to be still closer to you, I have made your heart my dwelling place to make myself known there and to speak to men from within. (3, 31)

5 Now you understand that I have divided my divine revelation into three great periods of time.

6 It was in the spiritual childhood of mankind when the Father gave her the law and promised her a Messiah who would open the gate to a new age.

7 The Messiah was Christ, who came to men when they were in their spiritual youth. He taught men a higher way of fulfilling the law, which they had previously received from the Father and did not know how to fulfill. The "Word" of God spoke through the lips of Jesus, which is why I tell you that through the love teaching of the perfect Master, the world continued to hear the voice and command of their Father.

8 Jesus, for his part, offered to send to men the "Spirit of Truth" so that it would make them understand all that they had not understood from his teaching.

9 Now then, beloved people - this simple, humble word which you are presently hearing is the voice of the Spirit of Truth, is the spiritual light of God which is pouring into your being, so that you may open your eyes to the New Age. This light, which makes you understand clearly all the revelations of your Master little by little, is the light of your Father, the HolySpirit, which surprises mankind at a higher spiritual level of development, that is, as it approaches adulthood, to understand the revelations of God.

10 In all that this light reveals to you, you will receive the teaching of the Father; for "the Word" is in Me, and the HolySpirit is My own wisdom. (132, 10 - 15)

11 In times past I did not speak to you in this way. In the "first time" the law enlightened the human soul; in the "second time" Christ enlightened the heart of man through the light of love. Today the light of the HolySpirit enlightens your spirit to lift it above all humanity.

12 From one and the same God you have received these three messages, and between them all an age has passed - the time necessary for the development of the Spirit to be able to receive the new message or new teaching.

13 Now you can understand why I have called you "disciples of the HolySpirit". (229, 50 - 52)

14 if I had told you everything in the first revelations, it would not have been necessary for the Master, the Messiah, to teach you new teachings, nor for the HolySpirit to come at this time to show you the glories of the Spirit

15 This is why I tell you not to cling to what was revealed to you in former times as if it were the last word of my teaching

16 I came to men anew and for a long time I made myself known through their minds and still I can tell you that my last word has not yet been spoken.

17 Always seek the last word in my book of wisdom, the new page that reveals to you the meaning, the content of the things given before, so that you may be my disciples in truth (149, 44 - 45)

The three testaments of God

18 Moses, Jesus, and Elijah - this is the way which the Lord has marked out for man, to help him to rise up to the kingdom of peace, light, and perfection.

19 Feel in your lives the presence of the Lord's messengers. None of them has died; they all live to light the way of men who have gone astray, to help them to rise from their falls, and to strengthen them, so that in the trials of their debt they may devote themselves to it with love.

20 Know the work that Moses fulfilled on earth through the inspiration of Jehovah. Examine in depth the teaching of Jesus through whom the "Divine Word" spoke, and seek the spiritual meaning of my new revelation, whose age is represented by Elijah. (29,20 - 22)

21 If in the "Second Time" my birth as a man was a miracle, and my spiritual resurrection after my physical death was another miracle - verily, I say to you - then my rallies in this time by means of a human mind are a spiritual miracle.

22 My prophecies will be fulfilled in this time until the last. I leave you my three testaments, which form one.

23 Whoever has known the Father before as love, sacrifice, and forgiveness, let him come to know Him fully in this time, that he may love and worship Him, rather than fear His righteousness.

24 If in the "First Times" you were attached to the Law, this was done for fear that divine justice would chasten you; this is why I sent you my "Word" so that you might know that God is love.

25 Today my light comes to you so that you may not go astray and reach the end of the way in faithfulness to my law. (4,43 - 47)

26 My new teachings are the confirmation of those I gave you in the "Second Age", but they are even more far-reaching. Remember: Then I spoke to the heart of men, now I speak to the Spirit.

27 I do not deny any of my words which I gave you in the past - on the contrary, I give them due fulfillment and correct interpretation. Likewise, I said then to the Pharisees who believed that Jesus wanted to destroy the Law: "Do not think that I have come to destroy the Law or the prophets - on the contrary, I come to fulfill them. How could I deny that law and the prophecies, since they are the foundation of the temple that had to be built in the hearts of men in three ages and the announcement of my coming into the world? (99, 24 - 25)

28 Today I say to you again: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" and if you seek the meaning of my Word in this time, you will find in it the eternal law of Love, the very way I have marked out for you on earth

29 At that time many believed that Christ missed the way and falsified the law. Therefore they fought and persecuted Him. But truth, like the light of the sun, always prevails against darkness. Now my word will be fought anew, because some believe to find contradictions, ambiguities and errors in its meaning. But his light will again shine into the darkness of this time, and mankind will recognize that the way and the law, which I have revealed to you, are the same as in that time and always will be. (56, 69 - 70)

30 This teaching is the way to eternal life; everyone who discovers in this teaching an uplifting power and perfection will know how to unite it with the one I taught you when I was on earth, because its essence is the same

31 Anyone who does not know how to find the truth contained in my teachings will even be able to affirm that this teaching does not lead to the same end as the teachings of Jesus; the spirits blinded by bad interpretations or confused by religious fanaticism will not be able to grasp immediately the truth of these revelations They must pass through a path of trials to be freed from the earthly mind which prevents them from understanding and fulfilling my commandment which teaches you to love one another. (83, 42 - 43)

32 In vain will many people say that this teaching is new, or that it has no relation to the divine revelations given to you in times past. I assure you that everything I have told you in this time by means of the human mind has its roots and its foundations in what was prophetically prophesied to you already in the First and Second Times.

33 But the confusion I speak to you of will come because those who interpreted those revelations forced their interpretations on men, and these were partly true and partly false. It will also happen because that spiritual light of my teachings was withheld from men and sometimes given in falsified form. That is why today, when the time has come where my light frees you from the darkness of your ignorance, many men have denied that this can be the light of truth because according to their opinion it does not agree with what I taught you before.

34 I assure you that none of my words will be lost and that the people of this time will experience what I actually told you in the past times Then, when the world learns about spiritualism, it will say, "Indeed, all this Jesus has already said!

35 Indeed, I have already told you all, even if of many of the revealed truths I only announced to you the basic of them I left them to you so that you would gradually learn to understand them, for at that time mankind was not yet able to understand all that I am now showing you fully. (155, 24 -27)

The Third Time

36 This is the "Third Age" in which I have taught you the teaching that is to unite mankind spiritually. For it is my will that the languages, the races, the different ideologies should no longer be an obstacle to their unification. The spiritual essence from which I created a Spirit is the same that all possess, and the substances that make up the blood that flows through the veins of men are the same in all. Therefore all are equal and worthy of me, and for all I have come anew. (95, 9)

37 The changes that human life undergoes will be so great that it will seem to you as if one world is coming to an end and another is being born.

38 Just as at all times man's life has been divided into epochs or ages, and each of them has been distinguished by something - be it by its discoveries, by the divine revelations it has received, by its unfolding in the sense of the beautiful, what man calls "art, or through his science - so the time now beginning, the age that is already breaking forth like a new dawn, will be marked by the unfolding of the gifts of the spirit - that side of your being which you should have cultivated in order to spare yourselves so many evils, but which you have always put off until later.

39 Do you not believe that human life can be completely transformed when it develops spirituality, unfolds the gifts of the spirit, and enforces the law dictated by conscience in this world?

40 Soon all nations will understand that God has spoken to them in every age, that divine revelations have been the ladder the Lord has lowered to men so that they might ascend to Him.

41 This new time will be called by some the Time of Light, by others the Age of the HolySpirit, and by others the Time of Truth. But I tell you that it will be the time of spiritual upward development, of spiritual restoration, of reclaim.

42 This is the epoch of which I have long desired that it should live in man's heart, and which has been continually fought against and destroyed by man himself - a time whose brightness is seen by all and under whose light all the children of the Lord unite: not to a religious community of men, which receives some and rejects others, which blurts out its own truth and denies it to others, which uses unworthy weapons to assert itself, or which gives darkness instead of light (135,53- 54, 57-59)

43 This is the "Third Age" in which the Spirit of man must free himself from the chains of materialism. This will bring with it the struggle of world views, which will be more violent than the history of mankind knows.

44 Corruption, egoism, pride, vices, lies, and everything that has overshadowed your life will fall like broken idols at the feet of those who worshiped them, to make way for humility. (295,64 - 65)

The seven epochs of salvation history

45 The first of these spiritual stages of development in the world is represented by Abel, the first servant of the Father, who offered his burnt offering to God. He is the symbol of the sacrifice. Resentment rose against him.

46 The second stage is represented by Noah. He is the symbol of faith. He built the ark by divine inspiration and led the people inside to save them. The crowd rose up against him with their doubt, mockery and paganism. But Noah left his seed of faith.

47 The third period is symbolized by Jacob. He embodies the power, he is Israel, the strong. He saw spiritually the ladder of heaven, on which you will all ascend to sit "at the right hand of the Creator". Against him the angel of the Lord rose up to test his strength and perseverance.

48 The fourth is symbolized by Moses, he embodies the law. He shows the tablets on which it is written down for the people of all times. It was he who, with his immeasurable faith, liberated the people to lead them on the path of salvation to the Promised Land. He is the symbol of the law.

49 The fifth period is represented by Jesus, the "Divine Word", the Immaculate Lamb, who has spoken to you at all times and will continue to speak to you. He is the love for which he became man, to live in the human world. He suffered the pain of the same, showing mankind the way of sacrifice, love and mercy, on which it should reach salvation from all its sins. He came as a Master to teach how to live in love despite one's origins in simple circumstances, to go as far as self-sacrifice and to die loving, forgiving and blessing. He embodies the fifth stage, and his symbol is love.

50 The sixth stage is represented by Elijah. He is the symbol of the HolySpirit. He comes on his "chariot of fire" and brings the light to all nations and all worlds, which are unknown to you but known to me, because I am the Father of all worlds and of all creatures. This is the stage in which you are currently living - that of Elijah. It is his light that enlightens you. He is the representative of those teachings that were hidden and will be revealed to men at this time.

51 The seventh stage is embodied by the Father Himself. It is the final goal, the climax of development. In him is the time of grace, the seventh seal.

52 Herewith the mystery of the Seven Seals is solved. That is why I tell you that the present epoch contains the sixth seal. For five of them have already passed, the sixth is now solved, and the seventh remains closed, its contents have not yet come, it is not yet time for this stage to come to you. When it is there, grace, perfection and peace will prevail. But to reach it - how many more tears will man have to shed to purify his Spirit! (161,54 - 61)

53 The Book of the Seven Seals is the story of your life, of your development on earth, with all its struggles, passions, conflicts, and finally the victory of good and justice, love and spiritualization over the passions of materialism.

54 Believe in truth that everything is aimed at a spiritual and eternal purpose, that you may give every lesson its rightful place, which is its due.

55 As long as the light of the Sixth Seal enlightens you, there will be a time of contention, renunciation, and purification; but when this time is over, you will have reached a new period of time in which the Seventh Seal will bring you new revelations. How satisfied and happy will the Spirit of him who was found to be pure and prepared receive the new time. As long as the Sixth Seal illuminates you, body and Spirit will be purified. (13, 53 – 55)

56 The book that was sealed in heaven was opened in the sixth chapter. It is the Book of the Seven Seals, which contains wisdom and judgment and was unsealed because of my love for you, to reveal to you its deep teachings.

57 Man has lived on earth for five periods of time, encouraged by the divine breath of the Spirit. Nevertheless, he has not understood the spiritual meaning of life, the purpose of his existence, his destiny, and his core of being. Everything was an impenetrable mystery to his mind as well as to his Spirit, a sealed book whose contents he could not interpret.

58 Vaguely he suspected the spiritual life, but without really knowing the ladder of development, which brings beings closer to God. He did not know his very high mission on earth and did not know the virtues and gifts that belong to his Spirit in order to win in the struggles, to rise above human needs and to perfect himself spiritually to dwell in the Eternal Light.

59 It was necessary that the divine "Book" be opened and that men should contemplate its contents, in order to be able to save themselves from the darkness of ignorance, which is the origin of all evils that exist in the world. Who could open this book? The theologian, the scientist or the philosopher? No, no one, not even the righteous Spirits could reveal its contents to you, because what the book kept was the wisdom of God.

60 Only Christ, the "Word," He alone, Divine Love could do it; but even then it was necessary to wait until men were able to receive the Divine Message without being blinded by the splendor of my spiritual presence. Thus, humanity had to go through five stages of trials, teachings, experience and development in order to reach the proper unfolding that would allow it to know the secrets that the Book of Wisdom of God kept for men.

61 The law of God, his Divine Word given through Christ, and all the messages of prophets, messengers and emissaries were the seed that maintained the faith of mankind in a divine promise which always announced light, salvation and justice for all men.

62 Now the expected time has come for the Great Revelation, through which you are to understand all that I have revealed to you through the ages, and to know who your Father is, who you yourselves are, and what is the reason for your existence.

63 Now is the time when, by virtue of the spiritual development you have attained, the trials you have gone through and the experience you have gained, you may receive from my Spirit to yours the light of wisdom, which is kept in my treasuries in expectation of your preparation. And since mankind has attained the necessary degree of development to receive my message, I have sent to it the first ray of my light, which this one is, which made the uneducated and simple men who serve as voice bearers of my objection speak in rapture.

64 This ray of light has been only preparatory; it is like the light of dawn when it announces the new day. Later on my light will fully reach you, illuminate your existence and remove even the last shadow of ignorance, sin and misery.

65 This time, whose dawn you admire in infinity, is the sixth epoch that is dawning in the spiritual life of mankind - the era of light, revelations, the fulfillment of old prophecies and forgotten promises. It is the Sixth Seal, which, when resolved, will pour its content of wisdom into your Spirit, in a message full of righteousness, enlightenment, and revelation. (269, 10 - 18)

66 Disciples, I want the virtues of your heart to be the garments that cover the nakedness of your Spirit. Thus speaks to you the Spirit of the Comforter, which was promised in the Second Age.

67 The Father already knew of the pain and trials that would afflict mankind and the degree of corruption that men would reach. The coming of the Comforter means for you the breaking of the Sixth Seal, that is, the beginning of a new stage in the development of mankind. From that moment on, a divine judgment is in force for all men; every life, every work, every step is strictly judged. It is the end of an age, not the end of life.

68 It is the end of the times of sin, and it is necessary that all the contents of this Sixth Seal of the Book of God be poured out upon the spirit beings and pluck them out of their lethargy, so that man may pull himself together and experience the harmony of his Spirit with all creation, and prepare himself for the time when, through the Lamb, the Seventh Seal will be broken, which will bring the last yeasts of the cup of suffering, but also the triumph of truth, love, and divine justice. (107, 17 - 19)

69 I want mankind to prepare itself in this time, so that when the last seal is broken, men will become aware of it and hasten to hear and understand the content of the new revelations. I want the nations and peoples to become strong to withstand the sufferings of those days.

70 I will call blessed those who know how to survive the afflictions of those times, and will give them a reward for their perseverance and faith in my power, leaving them as the progenitors of a new humanity. (111, 10 - 11)

71 When the seventh seal is shut up together with the six others, that book also which was the judgment of God on the works of men will remain shut up, from the first to the last. Then the Lord will open a new, undescribed book to record in it the resurrection of the dead, the deliverance of the oppressed, the renewal of sinners, and the victory of good over evil. (107, 20)
My peace be with you !

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