Mobile Network

Anna Maria has switched to a simple phone, but the old device has errors. She tries a different one and is not happy with that, because everything seems very complicated.
In the middle of the night, she is awakened and hears the words of Father Spirit:
"A NOKIA! Risky."
"The earlier." (The previous one was better, a Sony Ericson)
"Related. Money. "(Has Sagem merged with NOKIA ??)
"The Red Dwarf"  (Nibiru, the harvest helper in divine judgment) -"he attracts everyone " (with his iron core, everything that is magnetic and even has an iron core) "who is not in my will."
Overnight they are gone ... in a second "
That's just for me, Your Majesty, or ??
Thank you, Your Majesty!
"This is an increasing cold weather. The plague is spreading, as it is now. People are dying like flies."

Anna Maria's husband has a flu and she is not far from getting infected. The ashen rider, the death, one of the four apocalyptic riders - the white, the antichrist, the red, the war, the black, the epidemics and the ashen, the death.
"The flatrate, the internet, phone calls .... The zones. The red dwarf attracts them all. The Euro. All currencies. All countries are affected. "
All this reveals the zones. Am I affected then too. I then charge the phone in euros?
"And then you go to high school" (Anna Maria's husband, she to middle school)
"Anxious to tell the truth .... Can not keep their mouth ... .. are corrupt. "
Forgive me, father. I regret. I was also anxious to say the TRUTH (inquisitive) and not to shut up. I regret that, Father, I'm sorry that I was so deeply involved against your law to love.

Yes father. I am also someone who does not keep his mouth, argues that she seeks to dominate others in order to emerge victorious from the word mixture, rather than admit that a censure, a criticism of her is justified and excuse her or simply take back and improve ,
Please, go with me into this darkness and let it shine again, that I will again be friendly, loving and peaceful and listen to the siblings, if you speak to me through them to blame me for making me better.
Does that mean it does not matter which cell phone I have and that the bottom line is that I stay in the book of life, let myself be corrected and get better.
"Bravo. You can do it."
Then I can also keep my Android phone and do everything as it is your love will. Thank you, Father, for your teaching and support.
"Truly, I tell you, you can argue better if you stay in the book of life. It is also difficult. But you have the power to forgive. "
It is only Your Grace and Mercy, Father, for which I thank you.

 Now we have also clarified that with the fear (of myself) of the danger of cell phone detection, which can be overcome by staying in your word, to be prepared for mistakes and attacks, and to love one another and stay in love , In short, the best protection is to spiritualize and the book of life is the best mobile network you need for it. 
Father, you said you will save the Internet in certain places so that your children can still exchange messages with each other, because that is your will to strengthen the faith.You said, 'Stay in My Word' - whoever reads the Book of Life will be cleansed, purified and spiritualized by it and thus protected by you. As he reads it, he writes his name in the Book of Life, which is your law.On the following pages you will find in large numbers the chapters of the True Book of Life and as a result of the Third Testament - both - in GERMAN and in ENGLISH: 
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