46. The badly guided and materialist Man

The Third Testament 
X. Materialism and Spiritualism
Chapter 46 - The  badly guided and materialist Man
Lethargy of the Spirit, Ignorance and Arrogance of Men

1 The final purpose of the creation of this world is man; for his pleasure I have added the remaining beings and forces of nature so that he makes use of them for his preservation and refreshment.

2 If he had loved and recognized me from the earliest times, since his spiritual childhood, he would belong today to a world of great spirits, where there would be neither ignorance nor differences, where you would all be equal in the knowledge and ennoblement of your feelings.

3 But how slowly man develops! How many periods of time have passed since he lived on earth, and still he has not succeeded in understanding his spiritual task and his true destiny. He has not been able to discover his Spirit within himself, which does not die because he possesses eternal life; he has not been able to live in harmony with him, nor has he recognized his rights, and this one, deprived of his freedom, has not developed his gifts and has stopped. (15, 24)

4 Man has- when he turned away from the fulfilment of My Law- created various ideas, theories, religions and doctrines which will divide and confuse mankind and bind the Spirit to matter and prevent it from rising freely But the light of My HolySpirit enlightens all men and shows them the way of true life, where there is only one guide, who is conscience. (46, 44)

5 A materialist loves only human life. But since he realizes that everything in him is transient, he is intent on living it intensely.

6 Then, if his plans or desires do not come true, or if pain in any way afflicts him, he despairs and blasphemes; he challenges fate and blames it on not receiving the benefits to which he believes he is entitled.

7 They are weak spirit beings in unbending bodies, they are morally immature beings, who are tested in many ways to make them understand the false esteem in which they attribute in their materialization to works of little merit.

8 How gladly the materialized would like to change their fate! How they long for everything to be done according to their ideas and their will. (258, 48 - 50)

9 Now you can understand that when I have always revealed myself to men in wisdom, this happened to free the spirit beings imprisoned by limited minds.

10 There are still men of limited intellect without inspiration at this time. While men should already have clear minds, open by development, many still think and live as in the primitive epochs.

11 Others have achieved great progress in science and are shutting themselves off in their vanity and egoism, believing that they have reached the summit of knowledge. But they have stopped on the way to their spiritual progress. (180, 32 - 33)

12 If man would live consciously with regard to the higher life that exists and vibrates above him, and if he would know how to question his Spirit, how many troubles would he save himself from, how many abysses would he save himself from. But all his life he asks for advice from those who have no solution to his doubts and uncertainties: the scientists who have penetrated into the material nature, but who do not know the spiritual life because the Spirit in them has fallen into lethargy.

13 The Spirit of man must awaken to find himself, to discover all the abilities that have been entrusted to him, to help him in his struggle.

14 Today man is like a small scrawny leaf that has fallen from the tree of life and is the plaything of the winds, subject to a thousand vicissitudes, weak in the face of the forces of nature, frail and miserable in the face of death, when he should be master of the earth as a prince sent by me to perfect himself in the world. (278, 4 - 6)

15 The time of judgment has come, in which I will ask the one: Why have you denied Me? And the others: why have you persecuted Me? Does he have a right to deny the existence of my kingdom who has not been able to penetrate into himself? If you do not know my truth, if you do not know how to find it, this does not mean that it does not exist. If you think that only that which you can comprehend exists, then I tell you that there is much you do not yet know, and your arrogance is very great.

16 Verily, I tell you, he who denies God and his kingdom has denied himself. He who wants to draw strength from himself, considers himself independent, and has the haughty feeling of being able to be great without needing God, will not get very far in the world with it, will soon go astray, and his sufferings will be very painful.

17 Where are the truly wise?

18 Knowledge means to feel my presence. Knowledge means to be guided by my light and to do my will. Knowledge is to understand the law, knowledge is to love. (282, 19 - 22)

19 Today your spiritual ignorance is so great that when you think of those who have gone away to the other world, you say, "The poor man, he died and had to leave everything behind and went away forever.

20 If you knew with what compassion those beings look at you from the spiritual world, when they hear you speak like this. Pity is what they feel for you in the face of your ignorance! For if you could see them, even for a moment, you would be speechless and overwhelmed by the truth! (272, 46 - 47)

21 You have attached more importance to material values than they possess, but you do not want to know anything about the spiritual, and your love for the world has become so great that you even try as much as possible to deny everything that is spiritual because you think that this knowledge is in contradiction with your progress on earth.

22 I tell you that the knowledge of the spiritual does not interfere with the progress of men, neither in morals nor in science. On the contrary, that light reveals to men an infinite wealth of knowledge, which is currently still unknown to his science.

23 As long as man refuses to ascend the ladder of spiritualization, he will not be able to approach the true glory, which here in the bosom of his Father will give him the supreme happiness of being a child of God - a worthy child of my Spirit, by virtue of his love, exaltation, and knowledge. (331, 27 - 29)

Lack of willingness for renunciation, effort and responsibility

24 If mankind would not hold on so stubbornly to their ignorance, their existence on earth would be different. But men resist my commandments, curse their destiny, and instead of cooperating with me in my work, they seek a way to circumvent my laws to enforce their will.

25 Also I tell you: If men would carefully observe every one of their actions, they would notice how they rebel against Me at every turn.

26 When I let my blessings overflow abundantly on men, they become selfish; when I let them enjoy joy of life, they become licentious; when I test their strength to make their Spirit strong, they rebel; when I allow the cup of suffering to reach their lips to purify them, they curse life and feel their faith fade; when I place on their shoulders the burden of a great family, they despair, and when I take one of their kin from the earth, they accuse Me of unrighteousness.

27 Never do you agree, never do I hear that you bless my name in your trials, nor do I experience that you try to cooperate in my works of creation (117, 55 - 57)

28 I have put greatness in man, but not those whom he seeks on earth. The greatness of which I speak is sacrifice, love, humility, mercy Man constantly flees these virtues, thus turning away from his true greatness and the dignity which the Father has given him as his child.

29 Humility flees from you because you believe that it means wretchedness. You flee trials because misery frightens you without realizing that they free your Spirit. You also flee the spiritual because you think it is a waste of time to delve into this knowledge, not realizing that you despise a higher light than any human science.

30 This is why I have told you that there are many who, despite their assertion to love me, do not love me, and although they claim to believe in me, have no faith They have gone so far as to tell Me that they are ready to follow Me, but they want to follow Me without a cross. But I have told them that everyone who wants to follow me should take up his cross and follow me. Everyone who embraces his cross with love will reach the summit of the mountain, where he will breathe out the last breath on this earth to rise to eternal life. (80, 37 - 39)

31 Instead of eliminating the misery that surrounds them everywhere, people today are out to get the greatest benefit for themselves.

32 Why have men not moved upward in their desire for an ideal that will give them purer feelings and aspirations more worthy of the Spirit? Because they did not want to look beyond what is visible to their mortal eyes, that is, beyond their needs, their earthly pleasures, and their materialistic science.

33 They have used and utilized the time allotted to them in the world to have as many riches and pleasures as possible, in the thought that when the body comes to an end, all is over for them.

34 Instead of developing upward and considering himself a child of God, man, in his ignorant pride, sinks to the level of a lower being, and when his conscience speaks to him of the Godhead and of spiritual life, the fear of the righteousness of God seizes him, and he prefers to silence this inner voice and not to "waste a thought" on those warnings.

35 He has not thought about his own existence, nor about his spiritual and physical condition. How could it be other than that he is dust and misery as long as he lives and thinks in this way? (207, 18)

36 My teaching, which is the explanation of the law at all times, comes to you as a way to the light, a sure breach for the Spirit. Nevertheless, men have always chosen the easy way of materialization, in application of the freedom of will given to them and in the desire to follow a way for their lives. Some have completely ignored the calls of conscience, which are always directed toward the spiritual; and others have created cults and rites to believe that they are walking firmly on the spiritual path, while in truth they are as selfish as those who have banished my name and word from their lives. (213, 51)

37 The way is prepared and the door is open for everyone who wants to come to me.

38 The way is narrow, this has been known to you for a long time. No one is unaware that my law and teaching are most pure and unbending, so that no one thinks to change them according to his convenience or will.

39 The broad way and the wide open gate are everything but that which leads your Spirit into light, peace, and immortality. The broad way is that of licentiousness, disobedience, pride, and materialism - a way that the majority of men follow in an effort to escape their spiritual responsibility and the inner judgment of their conscience.

40 This way cannot be infinite because it is neither true nor perfect. Therefore, since this way, like all human things, is limited, man will one day reach its end, where he will pause to bend in horror over the abyss, which is the end of the way. Then chaos will break out in the hearts of those who have long since departed from the true Way.

41 In some there will be repentance, whereby they will find enough light to save themselves, in others there will be dismay at an end which they will consider unjust and illogical, and still others will blaspheme and rebel against God. But verily, I tell you, this will be the beginning of the return to the light. (333, 64 - 68)

The spiritual misery of man

42 I have not erred in what I have created; but man has missed the way and the life marked out; but soon he will return to me as the "Prodigal Son" who poured out all his inheritance.

43 With his science he has created a new world, a false kingdom. He has made laws, has set up a throne for himself, and has equipped himself with a sceptre and a crown. But how perishable and deceitful is his glory: a faint breath of my righteousness is enough, and his foundations tremble and his whole kingdom crumbles. But the kingdom of peace, justice and love, which it could not win, is far from the human heart.

44 The pleasures and satisfactions which the work of men gives them are only imaginary. The pain, restlessness and disappointment that hide behind the mask of smiles gnaws at their hearts.

45 This has been made of human life, and as for the life of the Spirit and the laws that govern it, these have been twisted, forgetting that there are also forces and elements that animate the Spirit and with which man must remain in contact in order to withstand trials and temptations and overcome all obstacles and adversities on his ascent to perfection.

46 The light that reaches every Spirit from infinity does not come from the royal star; the power that the Spirit receives from the hereafter is not the outpouring of the earth; the source of love, truth, and health that quenches the Spirit's thirst for knowledge is not the water of your seas or your springs; The atmosphere that surrounds you is not only material, it is an outflow, breath and inspiration that receives the human Spirit directly from the Creator of all things, from the One who created life and rules it with His perfect and unchanging laws.

47 If man would make a little good will to return to the way of truth, he would instantly feel the caress of peace as an incentive. But whenever the Spirit materializes under the influence of matter, he succumbs to its claws, and instead of being the master of this life, the helmsman who steers his ship, he becomes a slave to human weaknesses and inclinations and is shipwrecked in the storms.

48 I have already told you that Spirit comes before the body, as the body comes before clothing. The body that you possess is only a temporary clothing of the Spirit. (80, 49 - 53)

49 Ah, if all men would see the rising light of this age, how much hope would be in their hearts! But they are asleep. They do not even know how to receive the light that the royal star sends them daily - that light that is like an image of the light that radiates from the Creator.

50 It caresses you and awakens you to the daily struggle for existence, without those who are unreceptive to the beauties of creation stopping for a few moments to thank Me. The glory could pass by them without them noticing it because they always wake up full of sorrow and forget to pray to seek spiritual strength in me.

51 Nor do they seek strength for the body in the springs of nature.

They all run about hastily and toil without knowing what for, walking without thinking, without having a clear goal before their eyes. Precisely in this unfeeling and senseless struggle for existence they have materialized their spirits and let them become selfish.

52 When then the laws of the Spirit, which are the light of life, are forgotten, men destroy themselves, kill themselves, and snatch bread from each other, without hearing the voice of conscience, without consideration, without pausing to think.

53 But if someone asked them how they judge their present life, they would answer immediately that never in past times did so much light shine in human life as now, and that science never revealed so many secrets to them. But they would have to say this with a mask of happiness before their faces, because in their hearts they would hide all their spiritual suffering and misery. (104, 33 - 34)

54 I sent the Spirit to incarnate on earth and become a man, so that he might be prince and lord over all that exists on it, and not that he might be slave and victim, nor needy, as I actually see him Man is slave to his needs, his passions, his vices and his ignorance.

55 He is victim of sufferings, missteps, and blows of fate, which his lack of spiritual elevation gives him on his walk over the earth. He is needy because, in ignorance of the inheritance to which he is entitled in life, he does not know what he possesses, and behaves as if he has nothing.

56 This humanity must first awaken so that it may begin to study in the Book of Spiritual Life, and then soon, by passing on this world of ideas from generation to generation, that blessed seed will appear in which my word is fulfilled.

57 I have told you that this humanity will one day reach spiritualization and know how to live in harmony with all created things, and Spirit, mind and heart will walk in step. (305, 9 - 11)

Wrong earthly behaviour and its consequences

58 When I see men entangled in wars killing themselves because of the possession of the treasures of the world, I cannot help but compare men again and again with little children who fight over things that have no value. Children are still the people who fight over a little power or a little gold. What do these possessions mean besides the virtues that unite other people?

59 The man who divides peoples by sowing hatred in their hearts is not to be compared with him who consecrates his life to the task of sowing the seed of all-embracing brotherhood. The one who causes suffering among his fellow men cannot be compared with the one who dedicates his life to the task of relieving the suffering of his neighbor.

60 Every man dreams of a throne on earth, although mankind has experienced from the beginning how little a throne is worth in the world.

61 I have promised you a place in my kingdom, but very few have claimed it, and that is because men do not want to understand that the least subject of the king of the heavenly kingdoms is greater than the most powerful monarch on earth.

62 Men are still little children; but the great visitation that is coming upon them will cause them to experience so many things in so short a time that they will soon come to maturity from this childhood, and then - provided with the fruit of experience - will cry out, "Jesus our Father was right, let us go to Him. (111, 3 - 7)

63 Men strive for immortality in the world and try to achieve it through material works because earthly glory - even if it is temporary - stings in the eyes, and they forget the glory of the Spirit because they doubt the existence of that life. It is the lack of faith and the absence of spiritualization that has put a veil of skepticism before the eyes of men. (128, 45)

64 The development of man, his progress, his science and his civilization never had as its goal the ascent of the Spirit, which is the highest and noblest thing that exists in man. His striving, his ambition, his desires and concerns always had their goal in this world. Here he has sought knowledge, here he has accumulated treasures, here he has procured pleasures, honors, rewards, positions of power and awards, here he has sought to find his glory.

65 Therefore I tell you: While nature advances step by step, without stopping in its law of incessant development toward refinement, toward perfection, man has remained behind, has not progressed; and hence his blows of fate on earth, hence the trials, obstacles, and blows he encounters on his path of life. (277, 42)

66 I want you to have longings, to be striving, to dream of being great, strong, and wise, but of eternal goods of the Spirit

67 For to obtain those goods all virtues are required, such as mercy, humility, forgiveness, patience, generosity, in a word: love. And all virtues elevate, purify, and perfect the Spirit.

68 In this miserable world, in this temporary home, man - in order to be great, powerful, rich, or taught - had to be selfish, false, vindictive, cruel, indifferent, inhuman, and haughty, and all these things had to bring him into utter opposition to what is truth, love, peace, true wisdom, and justice. (288,32)

69 When man discovers himself spiritually, he feels in himself the presence of his Father. But when he neither knows who he is nor where he comes from, he feels me distant, strange, unreachable, or he remains insensitive.

70 Only the awakened Spirit can enter the kingdom of truth. With his science alone man will not be able to recognize it.

71 I see that men strive for knowledge, fame, strength, wealth and power, and I offer them the means to achieve all this - but in its true, essential qualities, in its spiritual truth, not in the outward and deceitfulness of the world, not in the transitory and deceptive.

72 When man devotes himself to the material and encloses himself in the small space of a world like yours, he becomes poor, he limits and oppresses his Spirit, there is nothing left for him except what he possesses or what he knows. Then it becomes necessary for him to lose everything, so that he may open his eyes to the truth, and, having admitted his error, turn his gaze again to the Eternal. (139, 40 - 43)

My peace be with you !

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