In my father's house are many flats

Acts 1:10-11
10 And while they were looking up to heaven with great attention, two men came to them, in white clothing,
11 And said, O men of Galilee, why are you looking up into heaven? This Jesus, who was taken from you into heaven, will come again, in the same way as you saw him go into heaven.

Anna Maria has many questions she would like to ask the father.
How may I serve you, father? And please, let me know what mistakes I make or correct, so that I may find your pleasure, whether I have strayed from the good path and how I can do it better. There was so much and I do not remember if I'm still in your will? And I would like to hear from you so much, if you still love me and if I still love you in the right way? Do you want to answer such questions? It is what interests me most and how you see it? Just tell me everything, do not have to spare me. The whole truth.
Father Spirit answers:

"Keep doing what you're doing. I gave you everything. I'm doing enough for you. Grandson."
Tell me, are your own being, or am I? I still do not know that.
"I can put her on my back."
Anna Maria sees a picture of a boy sitting on his father's shoulders.
So, real children, a family, mentally. How does it work? I have neither touched nor seen it in the material world. Am I myself as a ghost?
Do I still have your pleasure, are you satisfied with me?
"The longer the more"
I'm back home where I find you most often, in the familiar surroundings. By the end of April, I have another assignment where I was, two nights. I have to go back to the garden for gardening soon.
Did you just say 'marry'?
"There is a problem. Maid. Cook. Nutrition. They live in the worldly sense, they eat, but not my word, but food. "
I do not cook all the time. I also read your word until I feel guilty, inadequate in many ways, and then I do not like to keep reading but rather feel, feel, and myself.

"I like you. At my home. But I love you. Have come to the skies from the rain. I love you."
Yes, you certainly do, I feel that too. I can see that with my heart. Just talk about you and me from heart to heart right now. I missed you so much.
"We are spiritually connected, whatever you do, I see it and you see me too."
You're trembling. Please, do not cry, I really want to be with you forever.
That's the beauty of being there wherever I am.
"Come here!" One of the inhabitants said. "

That's just always in these nursery homes, that can not be prevented. But I'm always running away from them. Since I do not give the little finger, otherwise they want the whole hand. Sometimes I reject them harshly if they press me too much. Like the leadership, because she wanted me to work more nights. Because she wanted to force me under her law, which she uses successfully with her employees until they submit to her will. That never feels good.
'Please come to worship' you said to me two years ago. If I had known what you meant with me, I would have been too shy, I would have been scruples because of the other, but you have just put me before fait accompli, there was no time for scruples, everything had already happened. I did not even question it, ponder it, and I have to tell you that I enjoy that gladly and thankfully, what you do with me. I feel very much revered by you. You have probably placed great confidence in me, you have not doubted me for a moment and you were completely sure of your cause and that you want to do everything so with me. Not the shadow of a doubt of yours, and you've always positively surprised me again.
"Father! I am the father! "
Yes. Only through you I am mother, you have mimicked me to mother, without you I would not be mother, without you I would not have God born in me.
"Today's topic is what you mean to me. Widower (Joseph was a widower) - I have room for all of

 you. "
Anna Maria feels a very fast palpitation in her chest.
"Heal!" Says Father Spirit.
He is the master of the frequencies and those who love him and ask him to heal from the dirt that EMF causes radiation in them. It harmonizes the frequencies of the affected organs with the right frequencies and brings them back to their natural vibrational state.
"Meditation" says Father Spirit shortly after 1 o'clock 

"Sit, or do whatever you want."
Anna Maria has continued to sleep until about 5 o'clock. That was disobedience. It's about obedience. At 5 o'clock she woke up and started meditating until 7 o'clock. She tried to be there for the presence of the divine spirit. She felt him, the emotions of the spirit in her heart.
"Will you ...?"
I am your handmaid.
At 7 o'clock Anna Maria started to pray.
"Now he's going straight again!"
Anna Maria's husband is meant. She understands that her obedience is needed for her husband to have the grace for him to walk straight - even obedient! So it's her responsibility.
"Help each other!"

Anna Maria had the uneasy feeling in the last night shift that the home management would come over and still persuade her to spend more nights, but she said NO.
"Never bow to the law of men (Byron!) You are freed from me!"
Anna Maria does not bow to the law of the line. She is a free-lance and freed from Christ. Strangely enough, she is now more appreciated by the management than if she had given in.
In the spirit, she listens to the staff saying, 'You do not have to do much, just be there for these people (at night).
On the return journey Anna Maria meets her husband and goes to have breakfast with him. When she came home, Jesus ordered her to repent:
"Pray for the abused and abused children!"
Anna Maria knelt down and prayed for the mercy-rosary to the elusive, abused, tortured, raped, and killed children of the Elite and Vatican.

Then she uploaded HOSTA as a book in A4 at Bookmundo and thought that Jesus had commanded that she should not sell anything he had given for money. The book has no ISBN and can not be found on the open market. It covers only the production costs of the publishing house and contains a margin of approx. 1 euro, which one can not change however. The book can only be commissioned by Anna Maria for printing.
Anna Maria decides: Take yourself back, if you want to contact B., her friend from the geriatric nursing school, and take her with appreciation. Listen to what Jesus says in you, what you should do and act accordingly. He says what is needed, listen!
"Would you marry me ..? I am not your husband. Would you finally marry me? "
When will you finally become my husband? When would I finally be taken? Or what answer would you like to hear, if my yes is still a no for you? What should I tell you and why are we still not married to each other? Please, become my husband. Marry me! Make me your wife. Let this prayer reach you at the high levels of being where you are.
"Sweet woman. I am your husband now. "
Finally. It was time now. You are welcome.
"There are many flats in my father's house."
And I am one of them. I live in your spirit. There is my flat, my house built on rock.
And my husband will be there too. Very easily. So we will be together again in the spiritual life. That is the entire secret. We will all be together again in the spiritual world in your spirit, which will be the spiritual abode of us all.
"Ends Well. All  is good. I plagued you. "
Until I understand it and can pass it on so that the others understand it too.
"For this Jesus, whom you saw driving up, has promised - He will come again and take you as you have seen him ascend."
(Mentally, that's in the cloud!)

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