37. Correct Understanding of the Biblical Texts

The Third Testament 
IX. Teachings of the Divine Wisdom
Chapter 37 - Correct Understanding of the Biblical Texts
The Interpretation of the Word and promises of the Bible

1 People have devoted themselves to the study of the Old Testaments, racking their brains in the investigation and interpretation of the prophecies and promises. Those among them have come closest to the truth who have found the spiritual meaning of my teachings. For those who stubbornly adhere to the earthly-material interpretation and do not want to understand or find the spiritual meaning of my revelations will have to suffer confusion and disappointment as the Jewish people suffered when the Messiah came, whom they had imagined and expected in a different way than reality showed Him. (13, 50)

2 The false conception which man in the first times had of my righteousness will vanish definitively to give way to the true knowledge of it. Divine justice will eventually be understood as the light that springs from the perfect love that exists in your Father.

3 That God whom men considered vindictive, cruel, unforgiving, and unforgiving will be felt from the depths of their hearts as a father who forgives for the insults committed by his children, as a father who lovingly convinces the sinner, as a judge who, instead of condemning the one who was sorely lacking, offers him a new opportunity for salvation.

4 How many imperfections did men in their ignorance ascribe to Me because they thought Me capable of feeling anger, although anger is only a human weakness! When the prophets spoke to you of the "holy wrath of the Lord", I tell you now that you should interpret that expression as divine justice.

5 The people of the "First Days" would not have understood any other expression, nor would the unbridled or the libertines have taken the prophets' admonitions seriously if they had not spoken to them in that form. It was necessary that the inspiration of my messengers should be expressed in words that would impress the brains and hearts of those people with little spiritual development. (104, 11 - 14)

6 The writings of the "First Days" handed down the history of the people of Israel, preserving the name of their children, their successes and their failures, their works of faith and their weaknesses, their glory and their downfalls, so that this book would speak to each new generation of the development of that people in their worship of God. That book handed down both the names of the patriarchs who loved virtue and justice, the models of strength of faith, and the names of the prophets, the seers of the future, through whose mouth the Lord always spoke when He saw His people on the brink of danger. It also handed down the names of the wicked, the traitors, the disobedient, because every incident, every example is a teaching and sometimes a symbol.

 7 When I dwelt in Jesus among men, I made use of the essence of those writings, of the meaning of those works, only when necessary, to transmit my teaching; the material and the insubstantial I never praised. Do you not remember that I mentioned the righteous Abel, that I praised the patience of Job and remembered the wisdom and glory of Solomon? did I not remember Abraham on many occasions and speak of the prophets, and did I not tell you with reference to Moses that I had not come to dissolve the Law he had received, but to fulfill it? (102, 31 – 32)

8 You must study the divine revelations which I have given you at all times; you must understand the figurative language in which has been spoken to you; you must in this way make your spiritual senses sensitive so that you may know which is the Word of God and which is man's word, so that you may discover the meaning of my teachings

9 Only from a spiritual point of view will you be able to find the correct and truthful interpretation of my word - both that which I sent to you through the prophets and that which I bequeathed to you through Jesus, or this word which I give to you through the intermediary of the mouthpieces of the "Third Age.

10 Once this mankind has found the true meaning of the law, of teaching, of prophecies and revelations, it will have discovered the most beautiful and deepest things concerning its existence.

11 Then men will know true righteousness, and their heart will divine true heaven; then you will also know what atonement, purification, and reparation is. (322, 39 - 42)

12 The writings of the past times could reveal to you what I am repeating for you today; but man has dared to falsify my truths to spread them falsified And so you now have a spiritual sick, tired and lonely humanity.

13 That is why my wake-up call can be heard by the voice bearer, because I do not want you to get into confusion. (221, 14 - 15)

14 If the writings of my disciples, who in the "second time" bequeathed to you my word, come into your hands falsified, I will cause you to know what are the true words of Jesus. Your Spirit will recognize as false those who are not in harmony with the divine concert of my love. (24, 19)

15 Never has man been without my revelations, which are the light of the Spirit; but he has been afraid to fathom them. Now I ask you: What can you know about truth and about the eternal if you stubbornly avoid the spiritual?

16 Consider the materialistic interpretation you have given to my revelations of the First and Second Times, though they speak only of the divine and spiritual. See how you confuse the material nature with the spiritual, with what lack of respect you turn the deep into superficial and the high into the low. But why have you done this? Because, in your desire to do something in the work of God, you seek the way to adapt my teaching to your earthly life, to your human comforts that are most dear to you. (281, 18 - 19)

17 In this time I will cause that the teaching I gave you in the "Second Age", which many have not grasped and others have forgotten, will be understood by all, and also that it will be followed by all because of my new teachings (92, 12)

18 The light of My HolySpirit comes down on you; but why do you make Me in the form of a dove? Those images and symbols must no longer be worshiped by my new disciples.

19 Understand my teaching, people: in those "Second Days" my HolySpirit manifested itself at the baptism of Jesus in the form of a dove, because this bird in its flight resembles the blowing of the Spirit, its white speaks of purity, and in its gentle and mild look there is a gleam of innocence.

20 How could those uneducated men be made to understand the divine, if they did not take the forms of the beings known to them in the world?

21 Christ, who is speaking to you at this moment, was represented by a lamb, and even John saw Me like this in his prophetic vision. All this is due to the fact that if you seek Me in every one of my works, you will always find in all creation an image of the Author of life. (8,1 - 3)

22 Once I told you that a camel would rather go through the eye of a needle than a rich miser would enter the kingdom of heaven. today I tell you that those hearts must free themselves from their selfishness and practice charity towards their fellow men so that their Spirit may pass through on the narrow path of salvation It is not necessary to free oneself from possessions and property, but only from egoism. (62, 65)

23 I am currently rebuilding the temple to which I referred when I said to my disciples who were admiring the temple of Solomon: "Verily I say to you, of it no stone shall remain upon another, but I will rebuild it in three days.

24 By this I meant that every outward cult, however splendid it may appear to men, will disappear from the hearts of men, and I will erect in its place the true spiritual temple of my divinity. Now is the "third time," that is, the third day, on which I will finish rebuilding my temple. (79, 4)

25 God has no form, for if He had it, He would be a limited being, as is human, and then He would not be God.

26 His "throne" is perfection, justice, love, wisdom, creative power, eternity.

27 "Heaven" is the highest bliss that a Spirit attains on his path of perfection, when he rises so high in wisdom and love that he attains a degree of purity that no sin and no pain reaches any more.

28 When my prophets spoke of spiritual life, they sometimes did so by means of human manifestations and objects known to you.

29 The prophets saw thrones like those of kings on earth-books, beings with human forms, palaces with tapestries, candlesticks, the Lamb, and many other forms. But today you must understand that all this was but a symbol, a symbol, a divine meaning, a revelation, which had to be expressed for you in a figurative form, since you were not able to understand another, higher one.

30 Now is the time for you to interpret correctly the meaning of all my parables and teachings which I have revealed to you by means of symbols, so that the meaning may enter your Spirit and the symbolic form may disappear.

31 When you come to this knowledge, your faith will be true, since you have then founded it on truth. (326, 37 - 42)

32 If all those who are called would hasten to the table of the Lord, where the food is put on the table which feeds the Spirit, it would be full; but not all those who are invited have come.

33 It is the nature of man not to appreciate the benefits of God, and therefore you have seen many of your fellow men turn away when you gave the call to them.

34 But I tell you that these few who sit down at my table and persevere to listen to me to learn from me will be the ones who will make known to the crowds the greatness of my word, the meaning of this teaching which calls men to rebuild a world that has come to its end and makes way for a more radiant and higher one (285, 33 - 35)

The Revelation of Jesus through the apostle John

35 Everything is written in the book of the Seven Seals, which is in God, and whose existence was revealed to mankind through the apostle and prophet John.

36 The content of that book was revealed to you only by the Divine Lamb, because there was not a righteous Spirit, either on earth or in the heavens, who could explain to you the profound mysteries of the love, life, and righteousness of God. But the Divine Lamb, who is Christ, broke the seals that sealed the Book of Life to reveal its contents to his children. (62, 30)

37 If the book of John's prophecies has been considered by some as an impenetrable mystery and by others in an erroneous interpretation, it is because mankind has not yet attained the spiritualization necessary to understand what is presented there; and I can also tell you that it has not even been understood by the prophet to whom it was given

38 John heard and saw, and when he heard that he was commanded to write it down, he obeyed immediately; but he understood that this message was for men who would come long after him. (27, 80 - 81)

39 When will men turn their attention to what my beloved disciple left in writing? Strange is the manner in which his revelation is written down, mysterious is its meaning, profound to the immeasurable are his words. Who can possibly understand them?

40 People who begin to be interested in the Revelation of John delve into it, interpret, observe, and study it. Some come a little closer to the truth, others think they have discovered the meaning of Revelation and proclaim it to the whole world; still others are confused or too tired to continue researching and finally deny that message any divine meaning.

41 Disciples of the "Third Age", now I say to you that if you truly desire to enter this sanctuary and know the real meaning of those revelations, you must become acquainted with the prayer from Spirit to Spirit - the very prayer which John practiced in his banishment.

42 You must first understand that the divine revelation, though represented by earthly figures and images, is altogether about the Spirit of man, his development, his struggle, his temptations and falls, his profanations and disobedience. It deals with my justice, my wisdom, my kingdom, my proofs of love and my communication with people, their awakening, their renewal and finally their spiritualization.

43 I revealed to you there the spiritual life journey of mankind, divided into periods of time, so that you may better understand the development of the Spirit.

44 So, disciples- since the revelation refers to your spiritual life, it is appropriate that you study and consider it from a spiritual point of view; for if you want to interpret it only by means of earthly events, you will be confused like many others.

45 True, many earthly events are related to the fulfillment of that revelation, and will continue to be so in the future. But you are to know that the events and signs contained therein are also figures, images and examples which are to help you to understand my truth and to fulfill your destiny, to lift you up to me on the way of purity of spirit, of which my disciple John left you a shining example, which preceded mankind for millennia in dialogue from Spirit to Spirit with his Lord. (309, 47-51)

My peace be with you !

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