41. Connections between this World and The Beyond

The Third Testament 
IX. Teachings of the Divine Wisdom
Chapter 41 - Connections between this World and The Beyond
Inspiration and Aid from the Spiritual World

1 You are all moving on the ladder of spiritual perfection; some have reached the stage of development you cannot yet grasp, others are coming after you.

2 The great spiritual beings, great by their struggle, by their love, by their effort, seek harmony with their little brothers and sisters, with the distant ones, the negligent; their tasks are noble and high, their love for my divinity and for you is also very great.

3 These spirit beings know that they were created for activity, for higher development; they know that there is no inactivity for the children of God. In creation all is life, movement, balance, harmony; and therefore these innumerable beings work, strive, and rejoice in their struggle, knowing that in this way they glorify their Lord and serve the progress and perfection of their neighbor.

4 Today, as you are off the path marked out for you by my law, you do not know the influence that these your brothers and sisters are exerting on you; but if you have the sensitivity to perceive those radiations, inspirations, and messages that they are sending you, you will have an inkling of the myriad occupations and noble works to which they consecrate their existence.

5 You must know that these spirit beings, in their love and respect for the laws of the Creator, never take what is not their right, nor touch what is forbidden, nor enter where they know they are not allowed to, lest they bring the basic elements of creation into disharmony.

6 How different do the people of the earth, who in their desire to be great and powerful in the world, without the slightest respect for my teachings, seek with the key of science the destructive forces of nature, opening the gates to unknown forces and thus destroying the harmony in nature that surrounds them!

7 When will man be able to make himself receptive to the wise counsel of the spiritual world and thus be guided by its inspirations?

8 Verily, I tell you, this would be enough to bring you safely to the top of the mountain that is coming towards you; there you would see before you a straight and luminous path, which the spirit beings have covered, who are now there only to do good to you and to assist you in your toil, bringing you step by step nearer to the end of the way where your Father awaits you all

9 Since I have spoken to you about the goodness and spiritual height of those beings, I must tell you that they, like you, also had from the beginning the gift of freedom of will, that is, true and holy freedom of action, which is proof of the love of the Creator for His children. (20,28 – 36)

10 You do not go alone, for my encouragement and my light are with each of you. But in case this should seem little to you, I have placed a spiritual light being at the side of every human creature to watch over your steps, to let you suspect some danger, to serve you as companions in your loneliness and as a staff on the journey of life. These are those beings that you call guardian angels or protectors.

11 Never show ingratitude to them, and do not be deaf to their inspirations, for your powers will not be sufficient to pass all the tests of life. You need those who are more advanced than you, and who know something from your future, because I have revealed it to them.

12 The struggle of those beings is very difficult as long as you do not reach spiritualization, because you, for your part, contribute very little to support them in their difficult mission.

13 If your spiritualization allows you to feel and perceive the presence of those of your brothers and sisters who work invisibly, without any display, for your welfare and progress, then you will regret having coerced them to toil and suffer so much for your sins. But if this insight arises in you, it is only because it has already become light in your mind. Then compassion, gratitude and understanding for it will awaken.

14 What great happiness will be in your protectors when they see that their toil is supported by you, and that their inspiration is in harmony with your upliftment!

15 You have so many brothers and sisters and so many friends in the "spiritual valley" whom you do not know.

16 Tomorrow, when the knowledge of the spiritual life has spread throughout the world, mankind will recognize the importance of those beings at your side and men will bless my providence. (334, 70 - 76)

17 Verily, I tell you, if your faith were firm, you would not have the desire to feel the presence of the spiritual with the senses of the flesh, because then it would be the Spirit who with his fine sensitivity would perceive that world that is constantly pulsating around you

18 Yes, humanity, if you feel yourself far from the spiritual world, those beings cannot feel themselves far from men, for there are for them no distances, no limits, no obstacles. They live in the spiritual, and therefore they cannot be remote from the life of human beings whose highest destiny is that of upward development and perfection of the Spirit. (317, 48 - 49)

19 The only distance that exists between you and God, or between you and a spirit being, is not a material distance, but a spiritual one, caused by your lack of preparation, purity, or willingness to receive inspiration and spiritual influence.

20 Never put that distance between you and your Master or between you and the spiritual world, and you will always enjoy the benefits which my love pours out upon those who know how to seek them. You will always feel that the spiritual world is close to the heart of those who prepare to feel it.

21 How great is the distance that mankind puts between itself and the spiritual life at this time! It is so great that people of today therefore feel God infinitely far from them and consider the kingdom of heaven to be far away and unreachable. (321, 76 - 78)

22 I tell you that there is not a human mind that does not live under the influence of the spiritual world.

23 Many will deny this, but no one will be able to prove that it is impossible for man's mind to receive the thoughts and vibrations not only of the spirit beings and his own fellows, but also of mine.

24 This is a revelation to all mankind - a revelation which, when it is spread, will find open hearts that will receive it with great joy; likewise will it encounter stubborn opponents and fighters.

25 But what will these be able to do to prevent the light of the spiritual kingdom from shining in the lives of men? What means will the unbelievers be able to use to switch off that vibration? Who is he who considers himself to be outside the universal influence, which is the creative and invigorating power of God?

26 I speak to your conscience, to your Spirit and to your reason, but I tell you again that you receive messages, ideas and inspirations from other planes of existence, and that just as you do not know where your Spirit came from to incarnate in this your body, so you do not know who is manifesting himself to it invisibly and impalpably. (282, 33- 37)

Confused and malevolent spirits

27 This time is different from the first and second. Today you live in a chaos of unleashed elements, visible and invisible. Woe to him who does not watch, for he will succumb, and he who is armed must fight!

28 Thousands of invisible eyes look upon you; some to ambush and bring you down on your way, others to protect you. (138, 26 - 27)

29 The great legions of confused spirit beings are at war with men, taking advantage of their ignorance, dullness, and lack of spiritual insight; and men have not equipped their weapons of love to protect themselves from their attacks, so they appear as defenseless beings in this struggle.

30 It was necessary for my spiritual teaching to come to you to teach you how to equip yourselves to stand victorious in this battle.

31 From that invisible world, which weaves and lives in your own world, emanate influences which afflict people, whether in their minds, feelings, or will, making them devoted servants, slaves, tools, and victims. Spiritual rallies appear everywhere, and yet worldly people still do not want to perceive what surrounds their Spirit.

32 It is necessary to begin the battle, to destroy the darkness, so that, when the light dawns in men, all may rise united in a true community and, through prayer, win the battle they are taking up against those powers that have so long dominated them.

33 Men and peoples have succumbed to the power of those influences without humanity realizing it. Rare and unknown diseases generated by them have thrown down men and confused scientists.

34 How much discord, confusion, and pain has man heaped upon himself. The lack of prayer, morals and spirituality has attracted the unclean and disturbed beings. But what can one expect from those who are separated without light and without preparation?

35 There are those whom you have deceived and oppressed, those whom you have disturbed and humiliated. Only confusion and darkness can send them to you; they can only take revenge, and they only reproach you. (152,22 - 28)

36 Legions of creatures of darkness, like thunderclouds, are coming among mankind, causing upheavals, confusing the mind and darkening the hearts of men. And although this humanity has weapons to defend itself against these treacherous attacks, some do not understand how to use them, and others do not even suspect that they possess them. (240, 53)

37 The humanity of today, however great in number in your eyes, is very small compared with the world of spirit beings that surround it. With what power those legions penetrate the ways of men; but they do not perceive, feel, or hear that world which surrounds them. (339, 29)

38 A man who has fallen into a sinful life is capable of dragging behind him a whole legion of creatures of darkness, who will cause him to leave a trail of evil influences on his way. (87, 7)

39 If you could see from here the "spiritual valley" where the materialized beings are at home - those who have not worked for the spiritual journey to this life - you would be crushed. But not for a moment would you say, "How terrible is the righteousness of God! No, instead you would cry out, "How ungrateful, how unjust and cruel are we with ourselves! How indifferent to our Spirit, and how cold we have been as disciples of Jesus!

40 Therefore, the Father has permitted that these beings may sometimes manifest themselves in your lives and give you the painful, fearful news of their dark and peaceless life. They are inhabitants of a world that does not possess the radiant light of the spiritual homes, nor the beauties of the earth that they previously inhabited. (213, 52 - 53)

41 The legions of spirit beings, wandering aimlessly around the world, knocking at people's hearts in various ways, are often voices that want to tell you to awaken, to open your eyes to reality, to repent of your mistakes and renew yourselves so that later, when you leave your body in the bosom of the earth, you will not have to mourn your loneliness, your ignorance and your materialism. Recognize in this how even darkness gives rise to light, for no leaf of the tree moves without my will; likewise, those spiritual manifestations that grow more and more day by day will eventually inundate men to such an extent that they will eventually defeat the skepticism of mankind. (87, 65)

42 Pray for those who are parting from you and are setting out for the hereafter, for not all of you are able to find the way, not all of you are able to rise spiritually, nor do all of you attain peace in a short time.

43 Some live in the spiritual under the delusion of material life; some suffer intense feelings of remorse; others are insensitive, buried under the earth with their bodies, and still others cannot separate themselves from their loved ones, from those who remained in the world, because lamentation, selfishness, and human ignorance hold them back, bind them to matter, and deprive them of peace, light, and progress.

44 Allow those spirit beings who are still on this world to move on without it still being theirs; let them give up the goods they possessed and loved in this life so that they may raise their Spirit to infinity, where the true inheritance awaits them. (106, 35 - 37)

45 It will be very beneficial for your Spirit to be received by them on your arrival in the "Spiritual Valley" and to receive signs of gratitude for the mercy you showed them. Your joy will be great when you then see them imbued with light.

46 But how sorrowful it would be if you met that legion of beings darkened by confusion, knowing that they expected an act of love from your side, and you did not give it to them. (287, 58)

47 Verily I say to you: If I treat you men with so much love and mercy, I turn with the same caring love also to those who atone for their former transgressions in the hereafter. I send my light to these beings to free them from their distraction, which is like darkness, and from their self-accusations, which is the "fire," to send them among men afterwards; so that those who formerly sowed pain in their hearts may now, provided with light of knowledge, become benefactors and protectors of their own brethren. (169, 6)

The fight of the spirits for the people

48 Beyond your human life exists a world of Spirits, your brothers and sisters, beings invisible to man, who fight among themselves to conquer you.

49 That fight has its reason in the difference of development in which the one and the other find themselves. While the beings of light, sustained by the ideal of love, harmony, peace, and perfection, sprinkle the path of mankind with light, always inspiring the good and revealing to it all that is for the good of mankind, the beings who still cling to the materialism of the earth sow the seeds of the light, who have not been able to free themselves from their selfishness and their love for the world, or which indefinitely nourish human addictions and inclinations, the path of men with confusion, obscuring the mind, blinding the heart, enslaving the will, to use men and make them instruments of their plans, or to use them as if they were their own bodies.

50 While the spiritual world of light seeks to win the Spirit of men to open a breach to eternity for him; while those blessed hosts ceaselessly toil, increase in love, become nurses at the painful camp, counselors at the side of man who bears the burden of a great responsibility; become advisers to youth, protectors of children, companions of those who forget and live alone, the legions of beings without the light of spiritual wisdom and without the uplifting feeling of love likewise work unceasingly among men. But their aim is not to make the way to the spiritual kingdom easier for you - no; the intention of these beings is completely the opposite, their ambition is to rule the world, to continue to be the masters of it, to eternalize themselves on earth, to dominate men and to make them slaves and instruments of their will - in one word: not to let what they always regarded as theirs be taken away from them: the world.

51 So then, disciples, among the one and the other beings a fierce battle is waving - a battle which your bodily eyes cannot see, but whose reflections can be felt day by day in your world.

52 In order that this humanity may defend itself and free itself from the bad influences, it needs knowledge of the truth that surrounds it, it must learn to pray with the Spirit, and it must also know what abilities its being is endowed with in order to be able to use it as a weapon in this great battle of good against evil, of light against darkness, of spiritualization against materialism.

53 It is precisely the spiritual world of light that works and fights and prepares everything so that the world may one day set out on the way to spiritualization.

54 Think about all this, and you will be able to imagine the severity of this struggle of your spiritual brothers and sisters who are striving for the salvation of men - a struggle which is a cup for them, with which you continually give them the gall of ingratitude, since you limit yourself to receiving from them all the good they give you, but without ever standing by their side to assist them in their struggle.

55 Few are they who know how to join them, few are they who are receptive to their inspirations and follow their instructions. But how strongly do these go through life, how protected do they feel, what delights and inspirations fire their Spirit!

56 The majority of men are torn between the two influences, without choosing one, without committing themselves completely to materialism, but also without making any effort to free themselves from it and to spiritualize their lives, that is, to increase them by goodness, by knowledge and spiritual power. These still lie entirely in the struggle with themselves.

57 Those who have completely surrendered to materialism, without still caring for the voice of conscience, and who disregard everything as far as their Spirit is concerned, are no longer fighting; they have been defeated in battle. They believe to have won, believe to be free, and do not realize that they are prisoners, and that it will be necessary for the legions of light to descend to darkness to free them.

58 This message of light I am sending to all the peoples of the earth so that men may awaken, so that they may become aware of who is the enemy whom they must fight until they have defeated him, and what weapons they carry without knowing it (321, 53 - 63)

The connection with the spirit world of God

59 Disciples, awaken and know the time in which ye live. I say to you, just as no one can stop my righteousness, no one can shut the gates to the other world, which my mercy has opened to you. No one will be able to prevent messages of light, hope and wisdom from those worlds from reaching men. (60, 82)

60 I have allowed you for a short time to get in touch with the beings of the hereafter, which I did not approve of in the "second time" because you were not prepared for it then - neither they nor you. This door has been opened by me in this time, and with it I make true the announcements of my prophets and some of my promises.

61 In the year 1866 this invisible door opened for you, and also the transmitting organ of those chosen to announce that message, which the Spirits of Light would bring to men.

62 Before that year, spirit beings made themselves known in the nations and peoples of the earth, which were the forerunning signs of my coming. (146, 15)

63 If men of today were not so harsh and callous, they would undoubtedly be constantly receiving messages from the spiritual world, and occasionally they would find themselves surrounded by multitudes of beings who work ceaselessly toward the awakening of men, and they would find that they are never alone.

64 Some call that world "invisible," others "beyond. But why? Simply because they lack faith to "see" the spiritual, and because their human misery gives them the feeling of being far away and alien to a world that they ought to feel in their hearts. (294, 32 - 33)

65 You are amazed that a spirit being makes itself known or communicates with you without thinking that you too express yourselves and even manifest yourselves in other worlds, in other spheres.

66 Your "flesh" [soul] is not aware that your spirit unites itself with Me in the moments of prayer; it cannot perceive the approach to your Lord by means of this gift - not only to my Spirit alone, but also to that of your spiritual brothers and sisters whom you remember in the moments of prayer.

67 Neither are you aware that in your resting hours, when the body is asleep, the Spirit, according to its level of development and spiritualization, detaches itself from its body and appears in distant places, even in spiritual worlds which your mind cannot even imagine.

68 No one is surprised at these revelations. Understand that you are presently approaching the completion of times. (148, 75 - 78)

69 I want pure thoughts to be the language in which you communicate with your brothers and sisters who dwell in the spiritual, that you may understand each other in this way, and indeed, your merits and your good works will be of use to them; just as the influence of those of my children, their inspirations and their protection will be a powerful help for you on your path of life, so that you may come to me together.

70 Spiritualize yourselves and you will experience in your life the beneficent presence of those beings: the caress of the mother who left her child on earth, the warmth and counsel of the father who also had to pass away (245, 7 - 8)

71 This work will be criticized and rejected by many when they learn that spiritual entities have manifested themselves in it. But do not worry, for it will be only the ignorant who will fight this part of my teachings.

72 How many times have the apostles, the prophets, and the messengers of the Lord spoken to the world under the influence of spiritual beings of light without mankind becoming aware of it, and how many times have each of you acted and spoken under the will of spiritual entities without perceiving it! And exactly this, what has always happened, I have now confirmed to you. (163, 24 - 25)

73 If only curiosity should cause you to strive for the connection with the hereafter, you will not find the truth; if desire for greatness or vanity should cause you to do so, you will not receive any true rallies If temptation should tempt your heart with false purposes or selfish interests, you will not receive the communion with the light of my HolySpirit either. Only your reverence, your pure prayer, your love, your mercy, your spiritual upliftment will bring about the miracle that your Spirit spreads its wings, crosses the rooms and reaches the spiritual homes, as far as it is my will.

74 This is the grace and consolation which the HolySpirit has given you, that you might look upon one and the same home and be convinced that there is no death or alienation, that not one of my creatures dies in regard to eternal life. For in this "Third Time" you will also be able to embrace in spiritual embrace those beings who have parted from this earthly life and whom you have known, whom you have loved and lost in this world, but not in eternity.

75 Many of you have come into contact with those beings with the help of my "workers. But verily, I tell you, this is not the perfect way of making contact, and the time is drawing near in which the spirit beings incarnated and the disembodied can communicate with each other from Spirit to Spirit without using any material or human means, namely, through inspiration, through the gift of spiritual sensitivity, revelation, or prescience. The eyes of your spirit will be able to perceive the presence of the hereafter, after which your heart will follow the life expressions of the beings that populate the "spiritual valley," and then the rejoicing of your spirit will be great, as well as your knowledge and love of the Father.

76 Then you will know what is the life of your Spirit, who he is and who he was, knowing yourselves without seeing yourselves in such narrow limits as those which correspond to your bodies. For the Father tells you: even if your body matter is indeed small, how similar is your Spirit to my Divine Spirit! (244,21-24)

My peace be with you !

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