50. Culture and Science

The Third Testament 
XI. Humanity
Chapter 49 - Culture and Science
The Pride and Vanity of Knowledge

1 I ask the people of this time, who consider themselves to be the most advanced in the whole history of this world: In spite of all your talents, have you found a way to create peace, gain power and prosperity without killing, destroying or enslaving your neighbors? Do you believe that your progress is true and genuine when you roll morally in the mud and wander spiritually in darkness? I do not fight science because I myself have given it to man; what I object to is the purpose for which you sometimes use it. (37, 56)

2 Humanity, daughter of light, open your eyes, recognize that you are already living in the age of the Spirit!

3 Why have you forgotten Me and have wanted to measure your power with mine? I tell you that I will put my sceptre in your hand on the day when a scholar with his science creates a being similar to you, endowing it with Spirit and giving it a conscience; I will give you the power of My Sceptre, the power of My Sceptre, and I will give you the power of My Sceptre But your harvest will be another one first. (125, 16 - 17)

4 Why have there been and still are people who, having learned about human science through the use of the abilities granted to them by the Creator, use it to fight and reject divine science? Because their vanity does not allow them to enter the treasury of the Lord with humility and respect, and they seek their goal and throne in this world. (154, 27)

5 Today man feels great, he exalts his personality and is ashamed to say "God". He gives him other names, so as not to compromise his conceit, so as not to fall from the pedestal of his social position. Hence they call me: Cosmic Intelligence, architect of the universe. But I have taught you to say to Me "Our Father," "My Father," just as I taught you in the "Second Age. Why do men believe to humiliate or diminish their personality when they call Me "Father"? (147, 7)

6 How deeply man has sunk in his materialism, so that he finally denied him who created everything! How could the human mind darken to such an extent? How could your science deny Me and defile life and nature as it did?

7 In every work that your science discovers I am present; in every work my Law is revealed and my Voice is heard how is it that these people do not feel, see, or hear? Is it a sign of progress and civilization to deny my existence, my love and my justice? Then you are no more advanced than the primitive men, who knew how to discover in every force of nature and in every miracle of nature the work of a divine, higher, wise, just and powerful being, to whom they ascribed all good in all that exists and worshiped it. (175, 72 - 73)

8 I give my word to men anew, that they may know that they are not forsaken, that they may awaken through the voice of their Spirit and know that great divine miracles await their Spirit after this life.

9 Of them I have spoken to men, and the same will be experienced by the one who knows how to pray in order to get in touch with the spiritual, as also he who by means of science delves into the mysteries of nature testifies. On these two paths, both the Mind and the Spirit will discover more and more the more they seek.

10 But when will the time come when man will be inspired by love for his study and research? Only when this happens will his work in the world be lasting. As long as the motive of science is the pursuit of power, pride, materialism, or hatred, men will ceaselessly experience the rebuke of the unleashed forces of nature that punish their recklessness.

11 How many have inflated themselves in evil, in pride, in their vain striving; how many have put crowns on their heads, though they are poor and spiritually naked. How great is the contrast between what you consider your truth and my truth! (277, 31 - 32 , 36)

The consequences of materialistic thinking

12 If men would feel true love for their fellow men, they would not have to suffer the chaos in which they find themselves; everything in them would be harmony and peace. But they do not understand this divine love, and they want only the scientific truth, the derived truth - those which they can prove with their human thought processes: They want the truth that appeals to the brain, not that which reaches the heart, and now they have the result of their materialism: a selfish, false, and suffering-filled humanity. (14, 42)

13 Do not be conceited about the fruits of your science, because now that you have made such great progress in it, humanity is suffering the most, there is most misery, anxiety, sickness, and fratricidal wars.

14 Man has not yet discovered true science - that which is obtained by the way of love.

15 See how vanity has blinded you; every nation wants to have the greatest scholars on earth. verily, I tell you, scientists have not penetrated deeply into the secrets of the Lord I can tell you that the knowledge that man has of life is still superficial. (22, 16 - 18)

16 What is it that you desire most in these moments on earth? Peace, health and truth. verily, I tell you, these gifts will not be given to you by your science as you have applied them

17 Scholars question nature and it answers every question; but behind those questions there are not always good intentions, good attitudes or charity Men are immature and incomprehensible, who snatch from nature its secrets and desecrate its innermost being - whom they honor not by extracting from its sources the raw materials to do good to one another as true brothers and sisters do, but for the sake of selfish and sometimes perishable ends.

18 The whole creation speaks to them of me, and their voice is that of love; but how few knew to hear and understand this language!

19 Considering that creation is a temple where I dwell, are you not afraid that Jesus might appear there, seizing the scourge and driving out the merchants and all who desecrate it? (26, 34 - 37)

20 I revealed to man the gift of science, which is light. But man has created darkness with it and caused pain and destruction.

21 People think they are at the summit of human progress. For this I ask them: Do you have peace on earth? Does brotherhood among men rule, morality and virtue in the homes? Do you respect the lives of your fellow men? Do you show consideration for the weak? - Verily, I tell you, if these virtues were present in you, you would possess the highest values of human life.

22 There is confusion among men because you have put on a pedestal those who have led you to ruin. Ask not, therefore, why I have come to men, and abstain from judging that I manifest myself through sinners and the ignorant; for not everything you think imperfect is. (59, 52 - 54)

23 The scholar seeks the reason for everything that is and happens, and hopes to prove with his science that there is no principle or truth outside of nature. But I consider them to be immature, weak and ignorant. (144, 92)

24 Scientists consider the divine revelations full of vanity as unworthy of their attention. They do not want to rise spiritually to God, and if they do not comprehend something of what surrounds them, they deny it, lest they should confess their incompetence and ignorance. Many of them want to believe only in what they can prove.

25 What comfort can these men bring to the hearts of their neighbors if they do not recognize the primordial principle of love, which governs creation, and besides do not understand the spiritual meaning of life? (163, 17 - 18)

26 How far has this mankind gone from my orders! Everything in it is superficial, false, outward, pompous. Therefore her spiritual power is void, and to make up for her lack of strength and development in her Spirit, she has thrown herself into the arms of science and developed intelligence.

27 In this way, with the help of science, man has come to feel strong, great, and powerful. But I tell you that that strength and that greatness are insignificant next to the power of the Spirit, whom you did not let grow and reveal. (275, 46 - 47)

28 Today, day after day, you are eating the bitter fruits of the tree of science, which has been so imperfectly tended by men because you have not made an effort to develop all your gifts harmoniously. How, then, could you direct your discoveries and your works in good directions, since you have only trained intelligence, but neglected the Spirit and the heart?

29 There are men among you who are like wild animals, who give their passions a completely free hand, who feel hatred for their neighbors, who are bloodthirsty and seek to make the brother nations slaves.

30 If anyone should believe that my teaching could cause the moral collapse of man - verily, I tell you, he is in a great error; and to prove this to the doubters, the materialists and the arrogant of this age, I will allow them to reap the fruit of their science and eat it until they have had enough of it, until the confession that tells me escapes their Spirit "Father, forgive us, Your Power alone will be able to stop the forces we have unleashed in our foolishness. " (282, 15 - 17)

31 Human science has reached the limit to which man can take it in his materialism. For science, inspired by the spiritual ideal of love, goodness, and perfection, can go much further than you have brought it.

32 The proof that your scientific progress has not been motivated by mutual love is the moral decline of peoples, is fratricidal war, is the hunger and misery that prevail everywhere, is ignorance of the spiritual. (315,53 - 54)

33 What shall I tell you about your scholars of today, about those who challenge nature and defy its forces and elements, and thus make the good appear as something evil? They will experience great suffering because they have broken and eaten an unripe fruit from the tree of science - a fruit that they could have let ripen only with love. (263, 26)

34 Since humanity is not in harmony with the universal law that governs all creation, an uncontrollable state will arise, which will be expressed in the violence of the forces of nature.

35 Man has split the atoms; his developed brain uses this discovery to gain the greatest powers and bring death.

36 If man had developed spiritually to the same extent as his science and intellect, he would use the discovery of new natural forces only for the good of mankind. But his spiritual backwardness is great; therefore his selfish mind has used his creative power to the detriment of mankind, using forces of destruction, turning away from the principles of Jesus' love and mercy. Therefore, when you see the flood of fire coming down from heaven, it will not be because heaven itself opens or the fire of the sun tortures you - no, it is the work of man who will sow death and destruction. (363,23 - 25)

37 The peoples are advancing, and their scientific knowledge is increasing. But I ask you: What is this "wisdom" with which men, the more they penetrate it, the more they move away from the spiritual truth, in which lies the source and origin of life?

38 It is human science, it is learned wisdom, as it is understood by a humanity sick by selfishness and materialism.

39 Then that knowledge is false and that science is bad, since you have created with it a world of pain. Instead of light there is darkness, since you are driving the peoples more and more into destruction.

40 Science is light, the light is life, is strength, health, and peace. Is this the fruit of your science? No, mankind! This is why I tell you: as long as you do not allow the Light of the Spirit to penetrate the darkness of your mind, your works will never be able to have a high and spiritual origin, they will never be more than human works. (358, 31 - 34)

41 Doctors will also be called. I will ask them what they have done with the secret of health that I revealed to them and with the healing balm that I entrusted to them. I will ask them whether they have in truth felt the strange pain, whether they have bent down to the poorest camp to heal with love him who suffers. What will those answer me who have attained splendor, well-being, and luxury with the pain of their fellow men - a pain which they did not always know how to alleviate? All will have to ask themselves questions in their hearts and answer me in the light of their conscience. (63, 62)

42 How many spiritual dead must wander about the world, waiting for physical death to bring them into my presence, to hear the voice of the Lord, who raises them up to true life and caresses them. What longing for renewal could have nourished them on earth, since they consider themselves irrevocably lost forever, even though they felt capable of true repentance and reparation for their transgressions?

43 But apart from those to whom the salvation of their Spirit had been denied, and who came to me without hope, those who had been condemned to death by scientists concerning the body also came into my presence. I, who possess life, have snatched them from the claws of physical death. But what do those do in the world to whom I have entrusted the health of the Spirit as well as that of the body? Do they not know the high purpose which the Lord has entrusted to them, so that they may fulfill it? Must I, to whom I have sent them with a message of health and life, unceasingly receive their sacrifices? (54, 13 - 14)

The Inspiration of new scientific knowledge by God and the spiritual world

44 If the scientists who drive and change your world were inspired by love and goodness, they would already have discovered how much I have in store for the science of this time in terms of knowledge, and not just that very small part of it, which they imagine so much.

45 Solomon was called wise because his judgments, advice, and pronouncements were marked by wisdom; his fame spread beyond the borders of his kingdom and reached other lands.

46 But this man, though he was a king, knelt humbly before his lord and asked for wisdom, strength, and protection, because he knew that he was only my servant, and before me he laid down his sceptre and his crown If all scholars, all scientists would act in the same way - how great would then be their wisdom, how many teachings still unknown to them until now would still be revealed to them from my book of divine wisdom! (1,57 - 59)

47 Ask your scholars, and if they are honest, they will tell you that they have asked God for inspiration But I would give them more inspiration if they would ask me for it with more love for their brothers and with less vanity for themselves.

48 Verily, I say to you: all that you have accumulated in true knowledge comes from Me; all that they have in purity and in height I will use in this time for your benefit, for that is what I have granted you. (17, 59 - 60 o.)

49 Man's Spirit has developed, therefore his science has progressed. I have allowed him to know and discover what he did not know before; but he must not devote himself only to material works. I have granted him that light so that he may work for his peace and happiness in the spiritual life that awaits him. (15, 22)

50 If you have used some of your sciences to examine and judge Me - does it not seem more reasonable to you that you would use them to examine yourself until you know your nature and eliminate your materialism? Do you perhaps believe that your Father cannot help you in the way of your good sciences? Verily, I tell you, if you were able to feel the essence of divine love, knowledge would easily reach your mind without tiring your brain and without spending yourself studying the knowledge you consider profound and which is truly within your reach. (14,44)

51 In great human works there is the influence and work of high spiritual beings, who continually influence the minds of men and inspire or reveal the unknown to their incarnate brothers and sisters.

52 Therefore I say to scholars and scientists at all times You cannot boast of what you understand, nor of what you do, for not everything is your work. How often do you serve those spirit beings of whom I speak to you only as tools! Were you not often surprised by the scope of your discoveries? Have you not secretly admitted to yourselves that you have been unable to try what you have already realized? There you have the answer. Then why do you brag about it? Be aware that your work is directed by higher beings. Never try to change their inspirations, for they are always directed toward the good. (182, 21 - 22)

53 Since mankind has witnessed the development of science and has seen discoveries which it would not have believed before, why is it then reluctant to believe in the development of the Spirit? Why is it sticking to something that holds it back and makes it sluggish?

54 My teaching and revelations in this time are in accordance with your development. The scientist imagines nothing of his material work and science, for in it my revelation and the help of the spiritual beings who inspire you from the hereafter has always been present.

55 Man is a part of creation; he has a task to perform, as all the creatures of the Creator have; but he has been endowed with a spiritual nature, an intelligence and a will of his own, that he may by his own efforts achieve the development and perfection of the Spirit, which is the highest thing he possesses. By means of the Spirit, man can comprehend his Creator, understand his benefits, and admire his wisdom.

56 If, instead of becoming vain about your earthly knowledge, you made all my work your own, there would be no secrets for you, you would recognize yourselves as brothers and sisters and love one another as I love you: goodness, mercy and love would be in you, and therefore unity with the Father. (23, 5 - 7)

The recognition of scientists working for the benefit of mankind

57 Human science is the earthly-visible expression of the spiritual capacity which man has attained in this time. Man's work during this time is not only a product of the mind but also of his spiritual development. (106, 6)

58 Science, which is material, has revealed many secrets to you. But never expect your science to reveal to you all that you need to know. The science of the people of that time also had its prophets, whom people mocked and who they thought were mad. But afterwards, when what they proclaimed proved to be true, you were amazed. (97,19)

59 I do not deny my recognition to the scientists, since I have entrusted them with the task they are carrying out. But many of them lacked prayer, charity and elevation of the Spirit to be true helpers of men. (112, 25)

60 The people of today have expanded their empires, they rule and traverse the whole earth. There are no more unknown continents, countries or seas. They have created paths on land, on the sea, and in the air; but not satisfied with what they have inherited on their planet, they explore and search the firmament in their desire for even greater dominions.

61 I bless the desire for knowledge in my children, and their striving to be wise, great, and strong finds my unqualified pleasure. But what my righteousness does not approve of is the vanity on which their ambitious goals are often based, or the selfish purpose they sometimes pursue. (175, 7 - 8)

62 I have equipped man with intelligence that enables him to investigate the composition of nature and its manifestations, and I have allowed him to look at a part of the universe and to feel the manifestations of spiritual life.

63 For my teaching does not hold back the spiritual beings, nor does it hinder man's development-on the contrary, it frees and enlightens him so that he may investigate, reflect, research, and strive. But what man considers the highest of his intellectual research is hardly the beginning! (304, 6)
My peace be with you !

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