BTL - Volum X - Teaching 280

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume X - Teaching 277 - 309  
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Teaching 280
1. Let the essence of my word reach your spirit, so that it may
overflow from your heart and become converted into deeds of
charity, spiritual peace, and teachings that you will offer to your
2. The footprints that this multitude will leave on earth will be
of peace, demonstrating to the world that it truly possesses the key
to spirituality. Its mission is to erase the boundaries that exist
between nations in order to unite people spiritually thus destroying
the heritage that Babel passed on to humanity. All nations on earth
will be blessed by the divine teaching that I have given this new
nation of spiritual Israel, for it will initiate the communication of
Spirit to spirit.
3. Along its path, it will sow spirituality, offer spiritual
enlightenment, and prepare the way for the regeneration of those
who are lost. It will sow seeds in the human heart that will produce
harmony and brotherhood among humanity.
4. When I speak of the mission of this multitude, I do so as God.
As Divine Father, I teach you about your mission, and as Judge, I
order it.
5. My teaching is for all beings throughout the universe not only
for those who are listening to it at this moment. During this era I am
giving this Doctrine to a multitude of people, similar to past eras
when I also gave my Law and my Doctrine to a multitude of people
who then shared them with others. Because you are unaware of the
power of my Doctrine, it will be other nations that will truly cherish
this Doctrine. They will not only interpret this work correctly, but
also practice it in a perfect manner.
6. It is necessary that a doctrine be wise, strong, and powerful to
spiritually enlighten men on earth so that they will arise seeking the
truth and spiritual elevation.
7. Do you, perhaps, believe that I have come to reject the
Doctrine that I brought to mankind as a message of love during the
Second Era? No, I have not. I have come again to bring it to you
because it is no longer remembered on earth. Although my doctrine
is found in books, man does not truly practice it nor carry it in his
heart. Now I am returning it to you with these teachings, because my
love for mankind is eternal. Today, I will place my Doctrine of Love
in your spirit, rather than in your heart, so that it will no longer be
lost. It is the bread that will nourish the spirit and there it will
8. During this era I have chosen to manifest myself through
humble and unknown individuals. I did this because I was unable to
find among all the scholars and doctors on earth one individual who
was truly spiritually prepared and through whom I could manifest
myself. There was no one who was totally committed to fulfilling
my will.
9. Thus, I chose to give my teachings to humanity through
individuals who were humble and ignorant on earth. Nothing is
impossible for me. My will has been fulfilled and shall always be
fulfilled, even when it seems that man is doing as he pleases.
10. The time that man lives on earth is very brief in comparison
to his eternal life. His reign on earth, his arrogance, and his
conquests through force will come to an end quickly. Those events
may cause a slight variation in the divine plans, but with the passage
of time all spirits shall fulfill my will. All things that are impure will
be eliminated and only the virtuous will remain.
11. Soon I will judge the kingdom that man has established on
earth. Truly I tell you that arrogance, selfishness, deceit, negativity,
and death will be destroyed, allowing only truth and righteousness
to exist. Who will destroy those things that are evil? It will be man
himself who will destroy those scientific discoveries that have
harmed mankind. Only those scientific discoveries that truly help
mankind will remain to illuminate the path for humanity.
12. When man starts to follow my path, all the eras and
centuries that he has sinned and disobeyed my law will be
condensed into a single moment and forgotten. I will make that
moment that stained the spiritual life of man disappear and become
forgotten as the divine splendor of spiritual enlightenment
illuminates mankind during this Third Era.
13. It might seem to you that there are very few who listen to
my word, but truly I tell you that a large multitude of spiritual
beings, whom are invisible to your eyes, listen to my word with you
and become spiritually enlightened.
14. If man was aware of the spiritual gifts that he possesses, he
would be able to eliminate much of his suffering! He has preferred
to remain blind and spiritually asleep. Meanwhile periods of great
suffering are approaching.
15. I have come to spiritually enlighten you with my Doctrine in
order to free you from the great suffering that was announced to
humanity by my prophets in the past.
16. There are some who believe that I punish mankind by
unleashing upon them the elements of nature, but they are seriously
mistaken. As nature evolves and transforms, there are disorders and
disturbances that cause human suffering when man does not comply
with the Laws of God. Although those occurrences do reflect my
justice, they are not punishment from God. Man would not need to
suffer and be affected by those changes and disorders if he would
live in harmony with nature. Man is a privileged being who
possesses the Divine presence of God to illuminate his spirit.
17. Man would not be affected by those disturbances that occur
in nature if he would lead a spiritually elevated life on earth. Faith
and prayer are not enough to help man triumph over the ordeals and
hardships that he experiences on earth. Man needs to accompany
that prayer and faith with a virtuous, pure, and righteous life.
18. If on many occasions you have felt that you triumphed over
your ordeals because you prayed and had faith, in reality it was my
compassion for you that helped you to triumph rather than your own
19. In each of my teachings I have told you to prepare yourself
and to be alert and pray. I do that so that you will achieve a high
degree of spirituality, thus enabling you to live in harmony with all
things that surround you and not be affected when there is
turbulence among the elements of nature.
20. It is necessary for you to understand the times in which you
now live. Not only is it a time of transition for spiritual things, but
also for the material nature that surrounds you.
21. Be aware that the world in which you live is evolving
toward perfection. This will enable it to receive beings in the future
who are more elevated. Thus, as nature evolves and changes occur,
it is normal that there will be disorders and disturbances during this
period of transition.
22. Man is now living during a period of great confusion on
earth. Not only is he confused intellectually and emotionally but
also spiritually. There is confusion everywhere, and man is suffering
because he has entered into a time of great ordeals without being
spiritually prepared or knowing how to pray. He lacks faith and is
unaware of his spiritual gifts.
23. Only my love and power can save man from the chaos and
24. My people, elevate your life, and prepare yourself with this
word of light that I have brought to you. Truly I tell you that you
will not only save yourself, but you will also be able to protect and
save many of your brethren.
25. Remember the time when Jesus was sailing with his
disciples in a boat and the sea became turbulent and the waves
strong. The disciples feared for their lives seeing that Jesus slept.
They lacked the faith to save themselves, but the love of the Divine
Master came to help them, giving them proof of his power over the
elements. He extended his right hand and ordered the waters to
become calm.
26. These lessons were new for humanity in the past; but you,
my disciples of this Third Era, should not assume that my
compassion will also save you, as it did my disciples in the boat. It
is necessary that you develop the spiritual strengths that you possess
and which you have not manifested in your being.
27. My disciples in the Second Era learned my lesson. To fulfill
their mission, they used their spiritual strength and gifts to help their
brethren who were experiencing great ordeals.
28. Do you want to be among those who during this era will
offer testimony of the truth of this word? Practice spirituality in your
life, because it will allow you to develop the spiritual gifts and
strength that are within your being.
29. When man learns to practice true spirituality, he will
become superior to all things on earth. Up until now he has been
weak and at the mercy of the elements, but this should not be so
because the forces of nature are not superior to man.
30. Although this teaching is brief, its content is profound.
Study it, my disciples, and teach it to your brethren.
31. Come to me. If you are lost, let me guide you once again.
Elevate your thoughts to me. Speak to me as a child speaks to his
father or to a trustworthy friend.
32. I am the Divine Master who has come from time to time to
give you his teachings. If you are enduring great sorrow and
bitterness in your life, it is because you need to purify yourself
before you come to me and not because I am punishing you.
33. I am awaiting your arrival, but in order for you not to
stumble when you return to this path, you will need my help. Thus, I
am sending you spiritual enlightenment through these divine
teachings which offer you revelations, inspiration, and strength.
34. You are going to begin a new phase in your life. The path
has been prepared. Take up your cross and follow me. I have not
told you that there would be no ordeals on this path. However, you
will hear a voice that offers you inspiration and advice when you
confront a difficult and bitter ordeal. My love will help you to arise
whenever you fall. Also, you will feel the gentle caress of my
healing balsam.
35. Tomorrow, when this manifestation ceases and I no longer
manifest myself through human spokesmen, you will retain the
essence of my teachings in your memory, offering you inspiration
and guidance. You will pray as I have taught you. You will receive
my inspiration from Spirit to spirit whenever you unite with your
brethren to study my word. When you gather with your brethren you
will be forming a temple filled with light and harmony. I want you
to realize that these houses of prayer where you have gathered to
listen to my teachings are not the true temple of the Lord. However,
if you wish to continue to unite in these houses of prayer to study
my teachings, once my manifestation ceases, you may continue to
do so. You will unite to give one another strength, enlightenment,
faith, inspiration, and warmth. Once you have studied and learned
my teachings, you may gather to meditate and pray in your home, an
appropriate place to pray to the Divine Father. Also, you can pray in
the peace and quiet of the valleys and fields and there feel my
presence in you. This multitude needs to remain spiritually united
and in harmony with my Law.
36. Gradually you will become accustomed to living in unity as
brethren, and you will form the strong spiritual family that I want
you to establish.
37. When this multitude attains that harmony, truly I tell you
that you will be setting a good example for humanity. Remember
that the leaf on a tree does not move without the will of God.
Everything happens according to my will.
38. Be joyful and have faith. If you are confronted by
temptations along your path, pray and do not be afraid. Prayer is the
essential weapon that you will use to battle and triumph over those
39. Journey slowly, step by step, along your path. Otherwise,
you might stumble and fall into the abyss. Truly you need to know
your path so that later you will be able to teach it to your brethren.
40. Do not be satisfied with the deeds that you have
accomplished today, believing that you have attained enough merits
for the perfection of your spirit. Study my teachings daily so that
you may acquire new knowledge and learn important revelations.
41. The disciple who studies will always hear my voice
answering his questions. Also, he will be able to hear my parental
counseling during his ordeals.
42. The disciple who is hard-working will be strong in his love
for his brothers and will feel that he has truly been blessed by the
Divine Father. He will know when it is time to begin to fulfill his
great spiritual mission among humanity.
43. Each of my workers has been assigned a certain number of
spirits whom he will guide, enlighten, comfort, and help attain inner
peace. That portion will never be overwhelming because he will
encounter them one by one along his path in life.
44. My teaching today offers you encouragement and Fatherly
advice. It is a simple teaching, but if you study it spiritually you will
discover the same gentle and divine message that I gave to the great
multitudes in the Second Era at the Sermon of the Mount.
45. My Spirit is sending a ray of light from a spiritual cloud. It
descends upon your being enabling you to hear my teachings.
46. I have brought you an elevated teaching, the same as the one
that I revealed to you in another time. This doctrine is superior to all
the knowledge that mankind possesses. Only the spiritual
enlightenment from my doctrine will guide man to discover the true
47. My Doctrine teaches man to live an elevated, noble, and
pure life on earth. It also prepares his spirit so that when it enters
into the spiritual valley it will continue to progress along the path of
spiritual perfection.
48. Achieve merits on earth for your future life.
49. There are some who suffer observing the great sorrows that
exists among humanity. They feel that they are incapable of
alleviating any of these hardships. Come to the Divine Master, and I
will teach you how to comfort, heal, and offer peace to your
50. When you are practicing charity along your path, you may
feel that what you are doing is very small in comparison to all the
tragedies and great suffering that occur on earth. Nevertheless, I say
to you that even though your deeds of charity appear to be small and
insignificant, they will lessen the suffering that man is experiencing.
Also, they will be counteracting the forces of war.
51. You will work silently among humanity, but the moment
will arrive when that silence will be broken and the Good News of
my arrival will be heard throughout the world.
52. The apostles of spirituality will not be alone. Great events
will occur on earth that will be favorable for the spreading of my
53. Everything has been arranged in a perfect manner. I have
revealed my plan to you. Now, you need to carefully study my
teachings so that you will know my plan.
54. You are being prepared for life through my teachings and
your ordeals. Some have failed to progress along their spiritual path
in life because they have not utilized my teachings in order to
triumph over adversity. Others, however, have prevailed because
they have utilized the teachings learned from the Divine Master. Do
not forget that trials strengthen and prepare your spirit. Tomorrow,
you will meet many individuals along your path who feel defeated
and who will need to hear the testimony and words of spiritual
enlightenment from their brethren who have been victorious over
their ordeals.
55. The Divine Master tells you to practice spirituality in your
life because it will enable you to overcome your ordeals and also
help you to cope with your material needs.
56. Learn to pray because you can accomplish many good
things through prayer and defend yourself from temptations. Prayer
is both a weapon and a shield that should only be used to sow
enlightenment. If you have enemies, you can defend yourself
through prayer, but it should never be used to harm nor to injure an
57. You will work in a pure and virtuous manner without adding
to my Doctrine any of the impure practices that exist on earth.
58. This is my teaching. You have come with an open heart to
receive its essence and you have received my spiritual
59. My beloved people, I give you my healing balsam and
spiritual peace in each one of my words.
60. Your spirit arises ready to listen to my voice. Now, it is a
true sanctuary, and the echo of my Word has penetrated into that
sanctuary. Thus, my word has offered spiritual enlightenment and
inspiration to your spirit, offering it the strength that it needs to
reach the end of its journey.
61. You are fully aware of the time in which you now live. You
have arisen to follow me because your spirit knows why it came to
earth. Thus, you are able to walk the path of my spiritual doctrine
with great faith, and you will begin to worship me in the manner
that I have taught you.
62. I have prolonged the period of my manifestation during this
era so that your faith and knowledge could be strengthened. I do not
want you to say that, although the Divine Master was with you, you
did not have sufficient time to learn of his truth.
63. My Doctrine, filled with spirituality, will flourish in the
hearts of this multitude and will produce fruits of life and truth in
the future. My word will spread throughout the world, and there will
be no place on earth that it does not reach to purify, enlighten, and
64. The nations on earth will then begin to awaken to
spirituality, to those things that are true and eternal. They will
eliminate their materialistic forms of worship and will dedicate
themselves to seeking the true essence of my Law.
65. Humanity will observe the power of spirituality and will
separate itself from those things that has prevented it from
spiritually progressing for many centuries.
66. The cross is the symbol of Christianity. Although there are
millions of crosses throughout the world, they are of little value if
man does not love one another and practice good will.
67. The behavior of man is no longer influenced by his external
and material forms of worship, for he now lacks respect, faith, and
does not regret offending his brother. That is why I say to you that
symbols and external forms will disappear because their time has
passed. They will be replaced by an inner and spiritual form of
worship which will help man to become spiritually enlightened and
will lead him to me.
68. During this era I will inscribe my Law and construct my
temple in the spirit of man, the purest part of his being. It will be his
spirit that will listen to my voice. Whatever does not exist within the
spirit of man does not really exist at all. Man may construct
enormous temples in my honor or offer me ceremonies and banquets
that are filled with splendor, but those offerings will not reach me
because they are not from his spirit. External worship always
contains vanity and egotism. I welcome a worship from your spirit
to my Spirit that is humble, sincere, and full of truth. If you
remember the parable of the pharisee and the publican that I gave
you during the Second Era, you will understand that the teaching I
have given you has been the same in all the eras.
69. If you were to remove all the crosses from earth that
symbolize your Christian faith, and instead truly love one another, I
would not find fault with that. Your faith and worship would then be
spiritual rather than external. That is what I await from mankind. If
only your form of worship and symbols had the strength to prevent
wars and addictions to vices, you would live in peace! Behold how
you lack respect for those things that are sacred and divine.
70. Once again I tell you that it would be better if there were not
a single temple, altar, symbol, or religious image throughout the
world. Instead, you need to pray with your spirit, to love your
Father, to believe in him without the need of symbols, and to love
one another as I have taught you in my doctrine. Then you would be
saved and would be following the path that my footprints traced
with my blood, footprints that sealed the truth of my teachings.
71. The "new manna" will descend to nourish humanity once
man renounces his idolatry and fanaticism. It will be unlike the
manna that nourished the people of Israel as they journeyed through
the desert in the First Era. The "new manna" will descend directly to
your spirit during the days of great ordeals. It will be the true bread
from heaven, a spiritual bread that man will receive from my Spirit
to his spirit.
72. The manna in the First Era was only a symbol representing
the spiritual communication that man would achieve with God in
the Third Era. In this era the spirit of man will receive nourishment
directly from the Spirit of God.
73. This multitude who has witnessed my manifestation has a
great responsibility to humanity. It will need to set an example of
true spirituality and teach mankind how to worship God spiritually,
a worship that is worthy of God and that truly pleases Him. Open
your heart and listen to the voice of your conscience so that you can
judge each of your deeds. Allow your conscience to tell you if you
are interpreting my teachings correctly or if you are misinterpreting
the meaning of my Doctrine.
74. Do not assume that you will achieve complete spirituality in
a single day. Journey along the path of spirituality by taking small
but firm steps and thus you will not stumble. Also, you will never
want to separate from this path because of regrets or fear. Make sure
that you are fully knowledgeable at each step and soon you will see
the fruits of your work.
My Peace be with you!