BTL - Volume X - Teaching 281

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The Book of True Life - Teachings of the Divine Master - 
Volume X - Teaching 277 - 309  
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Teaching 281
1. My beloved disciples: Although many religions exist, there is
only one Law and only one Doctrine.
2. My teaching is the Doctrine of the Spirit, which teaches man
to practice deeds of love. Although humanity calls itself Christian,
what has it done with my doctrine? It has created rituals,
ceremonies, and prayers that lack feeling and sincerity, thus hiding
its hypocrisy behind them.
3. I say to you that love is the only truth. If you do not practice
deeds of love, you will not be following the true path, even if you
praise and glorify my name with words and songs.
4. Truth is the Divine Love manifested throughout the universe.
The individual who does not know the truth does not know God.
5. Man is greatly mistaken when he believes he can attain the
Divine Truth through religious rituals and ceremonies.
6. God is not what man has created on earth.
7. God is infinite, and He is essence and omnipotent. It is
necessary for you to be loving, just and virtuous, in order to feel the
presence of God, to know Him, and to be like Him.
8. When I speak in this manner you are unable to imagine the
materialistic nations of earth comprehending and accepting this
Doctrine of love. However, I say to you that my teaching is the seed
that the world needs; it is the water that man needs to quench his
inner thirst.
9. Man is hungry and thirsty because he lacks love and truth in
his life. The spiritual and moral misery that man is experiencing are
the product of his wars, his material ambitions, and lack of
10. At times, when men tire of fighting, suffering, and
destroying one another, they attempt to seek the path of salvation
that I have revealed in the past. Although, they seek different ways
to interpret my Doctrine, they continue to practice rituals that are
materialistic and meaningless.
11. The spirit of man has not been able to proclaim its freedom
because a dense darkness surrounds it. However, my light is so
powerful that it can penetrate that darkness and reach the most
sensitive part of man.
12. What is that light? It is my new teachings and Doctrine with
its new revelations. This Doctrine comes to teach man the true way
to worship God and how to find the pure water that will quench his
spiritual thirst.
13. I will inspire everyone to worship God and to live his life
according to the divine law. That is what the Lord truly wants from
his children.
14. O humanity, man will finally know the truth and essence of
my word. He will discover that my Doctrine is not only the Divine
Voice that speaks to humanity but also the expression of all spirits.
15. My Word is the inner voice that inspires you so that you may
achieve salvation and spiritual freedom.
16. My Doctrine is free of all rituals so that its essence can
17. During this period I have come to bring you a teaching that
is pure and perfect. Thus, I say to you that at the end of your journey
on earth I will accept only the true deeds of love that you practiced
because it will demonstrate that you knew the truth.
18. Man has never lacked my revelations of spiritual
enlightenment. However, he has been afraid to analyze them. I say
to you: What can you know about the truth and the eternal if you
continue to disregard the spiritual?
19. Behold how you gave material interpretations to my
revelations during the First and Second Eras, when they were truly
spiritual and divine. You confuse things that are material with things
that are spiritual. Lacking that respect, you change those things that
are profound and elevated into things that are superficial and
unelevated. Why have you chosen to do that? You have done that
because you want to interpret the doctrine of God according to your
material life and what is more beneficial to you.
20. Disciples, carefully analyze what I have told you. Thus,
when you say you are a spiritualist it is because you are able to
prove it with your deeds.
21. It is easy to say that one is a spiritualist but it is truly
difficult to be one.
22. There are many who listen to my word and who proclaim
they know how to analyze my doctrine. However, they are not my
best disciples because they do not truly practice my Doctrine which
tells you to love one another.
23. Behold how easily an individual changes his life when he
makes a small effort to practice my doctrine. Throughout his life
that individual had told me that he loved me through verbal prayers
created by others. Although he prayed, he did not truly comprehend
those prayers nor understand the meaning of the words. When he set
aside his old habits of praying and started to pray deep within his
spirit, elevating his thoughts to God, he began to feel the presence of
God for the first time. He did not know what to say to the Lord and
began to weep and shed tears. He thought to himself, "Father, what
can I tell you, if I do not know how to speak to you?" However,
amidst that confusion, tears, and inner joy, he was truly
communicating with the Father. That language was more beautiful
than all other languages that are spoken on earth or that are written
in books.
24. Those first words uttered by an individual when he begins to
pray spiritually to the Lord are similar to the first words uttered by a
young infant, whose words greatly delight the parents as they hear
the first expressions of their young infant as he begins his life on
25. Man has not been able to correctly interpret the revelations
that I gave him in the past. Therefore, today I have come in Spirit to
clearly define and interpret those previous revelations.
26. During this period you will not only become familiar with
the gifts and abilities of your spirit but also those of the material
body. Thus, you will not confuse one with the other.
27. Your spirit, mind, and emotions will learn to be in true
harmony when my Doctrine, as the light of a new day, comes to
awaken a sleeping humanity.
28. Those of you witnessing my teaching today are asking me to
help you achieve peace and unity within your heart. You present
yourselves before me as a single being who is fully aware of what he
will witness today as he listens to my teaching through the human
spokesman. I welcome your spirit. Everything that you offer me in
your prayers and practices that is pure and simple I accept as a just
tribute of the children toward their Celestial Father.
29. Your most passionate request is for peace on earth and for
men to live today as did the patriarchs in the past. I say to you that
peace will return to earth when you, my new disciples, have laid the
foundation for a new world. I am now preparing you to carry out
that mission.
30. The beginning of that new period will appear when you are
able to perceive each human being as your brother, when you
disregard all the differences that exist between people, and when
you love me by loving each of your brethren. Man will then
experience a joyful life on earth, and I will be acknowledged as the
Divine Father.
31. My word during this period is the same one that Jesus gave
you. It is the same pure water that bathed your spirit when you
followed me through the land of Palestine. You are familiar with the
essence of my word and are able to recognize it because it has
remained engraved in your spirit. Today, as I descend to manifest
myself through these men and women, you recognize that it is the
Divine Father who speaks as you listen to them. You ask why I did
not select another form, to give my message of this time to
32. You say to me that there are no humans on earth who are
pure and virtuous and capable of serving me. Moses, Peter, John,
and the prophets from the First Era are no longer on earth. However,
truly I tell you that I have sent virtuous spirits to earth during all
eras, and among those are the human spokesmen who have humbly
served me during this period. Offer your comfort and love to these
spokesmen because they have a great responsibility. I have nurtured
their hearts and minds like a pure fountain although at times pain
has been the best means to purify them. Their lives have been very
similar to those of my messengers in past eras. I bless them. Blessed
are those who have followed me through that path and who have
recognized the importance of the mission that I have assigned to
33. I invite you to enter into my Kingdom. Although I am
summoning all nations, I know that not everyone will listen.
Humanity has extinguished its lamp and walks in darkness. In those
places where there is darkness and confusion one of my enlightened
messengers will arise to enlighten his brethren; that messenger is a
spiritual guardian who is alert and awaiting my signal to awaken his
brethren. Allow the love of those messengers to become a seed in
your heart that will produce fruits. Do not reject them if they present
themselves before you and are materially poor. Listen to them
because they are going to grant you an unknown power in my name.
They will teach you the perfect way to pray and will free you from
all materialism which had previously enslaved you. They will help
you to attain spiritual freedom, allowing you to elevate toward me.
34. Those who are listening to me are anxiously awaiting the
fulfillment of my words. You yearn to see humanity converted into
my disciples. Also, you ask that you be among those whom I will
send to distant lands to fulfill a difficult mission. Truly, I tell you
that you will need to prepare yourself because the battle that awaits
you will be great. The messengers whom I will send are not all
found among those who have witnessed my manifestation through
the human spokesmen. Many of my messengers will speak through
intuition because I have prepared their spirits. I have wisely placed
those messengers in different parts of the world so that my spiritual
enlightenment will reach all places.
35. Although I have come to manifest myself to this nation, how
can you believe that I would disregard other countries on earth, if all
beings are my children? Can any being be distant or separate from
me, if my Spirit is present throughout the universe and comprehends
all things that have been created? All things live and nourish
themselves from me. My universal ray of spiritual enlightenment
has descended throughout the world, to all spirits on earth, and
throughout the universe, because I have come to save all of my
36. I do not want you to waste this period nor to journey through
earth without leaving your footsteps for others to follow. I want you
to be true sowers of my seed, now and when you depart from this
earth, until the seeds that you have sown in the hearts of your
brethren begin to blossom.
37. I have not come to force you to follow my mandates. Rather.
I only inspire you with my love to follow them because I will
only accept those deeds that you fulfill as a result of becoming
spiritually prepared through my teaching. Be free within my laws,
but always practice obedience. Fulfill both spiritual and material
laws because they both originate from me and form in essence only
one law.
38. Pray for all beings. Pray that they all comprehend God and
live in harmony with him. Elevate your prayer like a song, a
passionate hymn, that will illuminate all spirits and signal the path
toward the end of their destiny.
39. My beloved people, you have been brought to these houses
of prayer through the strength of my word. You have not come to
these houses to seek my presence nor to tell me about your concerns
because you know that I am present everywhere and that I can listen
to you wherever you are.
40. You have come because of my word. You are seeking the
divine essence of my word which nourishes your spirit.
41. You are aware that I have designated the moment in which I
will cease to manifest myself in this manner. That is why you are
quick to come each time that I manifest myself through the human
spokesmen. You want to cherish in your spirit all of the revelations
that I have given you.
42. Your intuition is now making you aware of the spiritual
mission that you came to fulfill on earth. You are now becoming
aware of your responsibility because you now comprehend the
importance of spreading my Divine Law through your deeds, words,
and thoughts.
43. Soon you will remain without my teachings manifested
through the human spokesmen, but you will not weaken if you
follow the example set by my disciples in the Second Era. After the
Divine Master departed, they united to give one another strength,
inspiration, courage, and faith.
44. You need to unite so that you will feel my presence in your
reunions and learn from the Divine teachings.
45. Today, you have rejoiced listening to my teaching and
tomorrow you will experience greater joy as you study my
teachings. When you carefully study them and penetrate into their
true essence you will become astonished as you discover the Divine
inspiration in each of my teachings.
46. Today, I bless those who tomorrow will unite and prepare
themselves to analyze the doctrine that I have brought. Through that
study and analysis, those disciples will discover the true
interpretation of my word. I say to you that just like my word
radiates divine enlightenment so will your interpretation illuminate
the path for your brethren.
47. Those who interpret this Doctrine correctly will illuminate
their brethren who previously lacked spiritual enlightenment
because of their routine practices and rituals. They will be able to
save them from their confusion, caused by a lack of meditation. This
multitude who witnessed my manifestation will eventually spread
throughout the world offering testimony of what it witnessed. It will
not only clearly explain my Law and the Doctrine that I revealed
during this era, but also all that I have revealed throughout the eras.
48. Do not fear being rejected nor ridiculed by your brethren.
49. I assure you that when this multitude of spiritualists arises
among humanity, I will have already given many great spiritual
manifestations to mankind. Those manifestations will make the ones
who awaited me spiritually realize that I had come already. Do you
not believe that when they see you arrive and listen to your
testimony they will recognize that you are my messengers?
50. Truly I tell you that even the theologians will become aware
of the reasons for those spiritual manifestations.
51. This multitude will spread throughout the world like a great
army. My Spirit will inspire it in its battle so that all of my
prophecies will be fulfilled.
52. Why do you weep when you think of those days when you
will no longer be able to listen to my word? Do not fear, my people,
for I will not leave you alone.
53. Recall that during the Second Era Mary remained among
my apostles after I departed.
54. Mary, who gently offers advise and comfort to those who are
sad, remained among those disciples for a time.
55. The disciples were bitterly disappointed when Jesus was
crucified at Golgotha and they could no longer receive his teachings,
but once their sorrow and bitterness left their hearts, they were able
to understand their mission. It was then that they began to spread the
good news. The Lord also took Mary from this earth, but her
tenderness remained as a heritage to all of humanity.
56. Those of you who are the new disciples of this Divine
Teaching believe that you will be alone when this manifestation
comes to an end. However, I say to you that your Divine Mother will
help you in your ordeals, and when you no longer are able to feel my
presence, even though I will be closer to you than ever before. Her
tenderness will help you feel stronger and comprehend the true
meaning of the teachings that I have revealed to you with words and
57. You will be soldiers of my Law and will sow spirituality, but
spirituality will not be governed on earth nor have a representative
in a human. Your only guide will be Christ who will guide you
through your conscience.
58. My new workers will be revealed to you through your
intuition. Man is unable to assign a task nor a mission to another
spirit. I am the only one who can assign you a mission, endow you
with spiritual gifts, and determine the destiny of each being.
59. I tell you this so that you will not fall into rituals nor false
practices which lack truth.
60. You will be my sowers, my prophets, and my messengers.
Only the Lord determines the divine destiny of each being.
61. It is my will that complete harmony and brotherhood be
practiced among this multitude so that no one will arise as lord,
king, or tyrant. This multitude should only be guided by love,
harmony, and spirituality.
62. If you practice the things that I tell you, you will set an
example for others to follow and pave the path for spirituality.
63. The spiritual enlightenment one obtains from my teaching
will reveal the uselessness of idols and will remove the arrogant
from their thrones. It will also destroy the temporary kingdom of
64. This multitude that I am preparing today to teach humanity
about spirituality will not be wealthy nor possess any material
riches. It will demonstrate to the world that the truth, love, and
justice of God do not need material riches from earth.
65. Love, faith, and strong determination will be the forces that
you will use to reveal this Doctrine to humanity. Remember the
example set by Christ and his disciples. Meditate on these lives and
on the teachings they gave to others, and you will see that they
spoke the truth.
66. My hand has never touched a coin. When on a certain
occasion I was intentionally shown a coin and asked what
responsibilities one had toward Caesar, I observed the coin without
touching it and I responded: "Give to God those things that belong
to God and to Caesar those things that belong to Caesar".
67. This is one of my last teachings. I will continue to give you
my teachings for a short while longer and then I will cease to
manifest myself through the human spokesmen.
68. After I depart I will grant you a period of tranquility. During
that period, spirits will begin to develop the gift of intuition in
different forms.
69. During those days of spiritual meditation you will
comprehend all those things that today you are unable to
comprehend. Also, I will surprise you with new revelations and
70. The inspiration received by one individual will be confirmed
by another, and thus there will be no doubt among the disciples.
71. Roque Rojas and Damiana Oviedo were my first human
spokesmen for my spiritual communication during this period.
Elijah manifested himself through Roque Rojas and the Divine
Master first manifested Himself through Damiana Oviedo. In that
manner I wish to demonstrate that among my apostles both the male
and female sit at my table. The spirit is the same in both the male
and the female. During this Third Era when I have come seeking
spirits, why would I differentiate between them?
72. Roque Rojas and Damiana Oviedo are your forerunners
during this period. They heard the Divine Voice in the middle of the
desert and never doubted nor questioned its truthfulness. One of
them listened to the voice of the Prophet and the other felt the
charity of the Divine Master.
73. I have given you many revelations since then! The first
human spokesmen came and departed but were followed by others.
Although many were highly devoted, faithful to the truth, and selfsacrificing,
not all of them had pure intentions. Some have been
vain, desiring praise, and material rewards.
74. From the beginning, I have taught these multitudes how to
recognize the true fruit. I say to those who are now listening to my
word that you will nourish your brethren with my truth. You will
destroy those things that are false with the truth of my word.
75. I must say to you that you never took care of the human
spokesmen because you were lacking in comprehension and charity
toward them. Although you failed to take care of the spokesmen,
you must take care of my word which flowed through their lips. My
word is the new Manna.
76. When the spiritualists multiply upon the earth, there will be
many who will confuse them with fortune tellers. They will be asked
to foretell the future. Scientists will ask them about the spiritual life
and about life on other planets. I tell you these things so that when
you find yourself being questioned by those individuals you will
remember to pray so that your responses will be inspired by the
Father. Thus, you will respond according to what the Father wants
you to reveal based on the needs and questions of your brethren.
77. I ask you to not change any of the revelations that I have
given you nor attempt to scrutinize those things that I have not yet
revealed. Always remain spiritually prepared. Thus, you will be as a
fountain that offers pure water to those who thirst for spiritual
enlightenment. It will not be your hand that removes the veil that
conceals those things that are mysterious. Was there, perhaps,
someone on earth who was worthy of opening the Book of Seven
Seals? Only the Lamb of God was worthy, and only he had the
power to open that book. There are many teachings that will be
revealed to man while he is on earth. However, there are many
others that will be revealed to him only when he dwells in the
elevated mansions of the spirit.
78. You will find me everywhere, because my presence is
always with you along the road. I am like an oasis in the middle of a
desert or a beacon of light amidst a stormy night.
My Peace be with you!